London’s Best Raw Food Restaurants – Huffington Post UK

For the uninitiated, the idea of eating raw food will conjure up images of grated carrot and slices of cucumber. While there’s nothing wrong with crudités, they are just the tip of the culinary iceberg when it comes to raw food.

From gourmet dining to ‘baking’ (mostly involving nuts), the options can be utterly delicious and far from dull.

Raw foodism operates on the belief that when food is heated above around 115°F (42°C) it loses some natural enzymes and becomes difficult to digest. This means that raw foodists eat a diet which is entirely uncooked – or cooked very slowly in a contraption called a dehydrator.

However, critics of the diet have argued that heating some foods, such as tomatoes, actually helps us to digest them.

Before deciding to go fully raw, we’d recommend reading up on the diet or speaking to your GP. But for those who are curious or already committed, here are our favourite raw food hotspots in London.

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