Is Raw Food Diet Healthier than Cooked Plant Based?

Is a raw food diet healthier than cooked plant based? That is the question that is debated countless hours on social media. I support all versions of a plant based diet although I choose a mostly raw vegan lifestyle.

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12 replies
  1. Rebecca's Raw Vlogs
    Rebecca's Raw Vlogs says:

    I’ve eaten every different diet out there and mostly raw food makes me feel the best! I was the crazy nut person! Bash it I agree with you 100%! I love your way of thinking so much!

    I’m fairly new to your channel do you have good salad dressing recipes?

  2. Nicole P
    Nicole P says:

    Tell it like it is Jack! I totally agree that people need to do what makes them happy and not worry about being dogmatic and purist. But some personalities need that structure. It's a toss up. LOL Right now I need that boundary of NO COOKED but that's not going to be FOREVER I know that already.

  3. charlotte Yarbrough
    charlotte Yarbrough says:

    I don't know if it's healthier or not but I know if I eat raw and a meal or two once a week cooked clean I feel better. Too much cooked food makes me feel bad so that tells me it's not better for me but I say if someone feels better eating fully or mostly cooked go for it.

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