I WENT RAW VEGAN FOR A WEEK! Crazy Diet Experiment

Trying the RAW VEGAN Diet for a Week! Crazy Diet Self Experiment! What are the benefits and does it work? Watch my Fasting Experiment HERE:

New Video from New York City this week!! I will dye my hair blonde and find a new Modeling agency!

Would YOU try this Diet?? Leave me a comment below! 🙂

Happy Friday everybody!

Itsamee Mario!

I am sharing my experiences as a Model and Actor around the world!

Join the #carrotkingdom- let’s all achieve our goals and make fun the priority!





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46 replies
  1. tiamxiang
    tiamxiang says:

    Hey Mario. Love your channel (and you of course!) coz it's not only entertaining, but very resourceful. I'm not a vegan, but once in a while would try it as an option. I think raw diet can be delicious and hearthy. Learned a lot from a friend of mine who's a raw chef in Malaysia. Do check her out (Raw Chef Yin) channel for some amazing raw Asian delights:
    And perhaps, do a Raw Vegan Diet take 2 😉

  2. Blade Lord
    Blade Lord says:

    1) Awe, his folks look so sad when he couldn't have any of his moms home cooking, you'll have to make it up to them
    next time Carrot Lord.
    2) Oh how I loathe it when he tortures his body doing these challenges.
    3) that party food looks sinfully delicious, of only I could have a taste.
    4) Yes, you deserved that pizza. Eat a medium well cheeseburger with bacon cheese fries for me. good luck.
    5) please don't let there be any psycho vegans in the comments, Mario's suffered more than enough

  3. Eufrasia Belladona
    Eufrasia Belladona says:

    Hi Mario! Great video! I love your diet experiments and the way you explain the physiological evolution of your body, even the digestive one, like farts (lots of people avoid that part and it’s very important) I hope you to do diet experiments like these more often;)
    Keep working!

  4. Wayne Govender
    Wayne Govender says:

    Hi Mario, i respect what you are trying to convey to your audience but this is not a nutrition filled diet. All u say is that I HAVE STOMACH CRAMPS all day! And I know for a fact that u ate that cake! Stop lying to your following you asshole

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