Husky Eats Raw food? You guys have been asking, and now it’s time to talk about it!
#AskGTTSD 298
Looking for advice on Dog Training, Advice on dog ownership, or have any other questions for us? This is the video for that! It’s time for Fan Friday! A day when you submit your questions to us using #AskGTTSD

Camping Tips:
0:58 Would you feed your dogs raw? Have you considered feeding your dogs raw food? What do you think of a raw food diet?
5:58 How do you teach your dogs to sit? How do you teach your dogs to sing? How do you teach your dogs to speak? How did you train your dogs?

6:29 Have your dogs ever been sprayed by a skunk?
7:04 What camera do you use for your videos?
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30 replies
  1. 1Tale4Paws
    1Tale4Paws says:

    Is there a specific place where you come up with all the waterfalls you visit in the UP (i.e.: website, book, etc.)? We went to Pictured Rock this past June, and didn't get to visit a lot of waterfalls since they weren't dog friendly. We plan on camping somewhere in the Porcupine Mountains this October, and would love some type of list of all the awesome waterfalls that we could take our dogs and ferrets to. We live in southeast Michigan, and aren't as familiar with the UP as you guys are. Thanks!

  2. The Adventures of Tonka the Malamute
    The Adventures of Tonka the Malamute says:

    Hi Jessica Tonka eats B.A.R.F diet that stands for Biologically Appropriate Raw Foods you said that you were worried that 2 of them eat like monsters and don't chew very well. I feed Tonka partially frozen meats which will slow them down (he actually prefers it that way)! I have some videos explaining it a little better please come and check them out! I am Happy to help you if I can ❤️😊👍🐱💟!

    EMA PEPA says:

    I want to congratulate you for not jumping into the raw food train. Before getting my Samoyed I did several researches on what to feed him and I'm kinda stuck on Kibble (the good brands) and homemade food, ratio 30:70. Vitamines and Calcium can be added as supplements. I know where dogs come from but since my infec diseases cycle in med school I keep everyone away from uncooked meat. Doesn't mean 100% raw diet is not good. Some dogs are thriving from that.

  4. Elizabeth James
    Elizabeth James says:

    What's your favorite husky coat color? White, Black like Oakley, Grey like Memphis, Tan like Shelby or the chocolate? I know when you're adopting or rescuing dogs you really don't care, but if you had a preference (not towards a dog, just their coat color) which one do you prefer? #ASKGTTSD

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