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49 replies
  1. ourlegacy
    ourlegacy says:

    Thank you for inspiring and modeling to us what is possible and that No Killing is needed to live and/or to have strength and vitality.  Thank you for sharing and teaching a spiritual connection of eating out of respect, love, honor and appreciation for one's temple and/or to stay 100% raw vegan longterm.  While I can personally attest to the dramatic physical, mental and spiritual benefits of eating raw vegan short-term even for someone who was already on a plant-based diet for most of her adult life, I'm not clear or convinced that a relationship exists (at least a direct one) b/t the connectedness with all living beings and oneself and in overcoming cooked food addiction or the requisite to be 100% raw vegan and/or longterm raw vegan because many arahants and buddhas, including the 3 important meals served to the Buddha, ate cooked or lightly cooked simple vegetarian foods they got from taking alms. 

  2. Jedi JoGun
    Jedi JoGun says:

    Fair warning here… Eat one chicken breast sandwich and all your vegan powers that have accumulated since your last animal carcass consumed will be revoked by the Vegan Enforcement Group Inter-dimensional , VEGI for short 🙂

  3. Nick Makris
    Nick Makris says:

    As it is written, There is none righteous, no, not one:  I appreciate making good choices as to what you put in your mouth, and it can make a massive impact on one physically, but God, is not in a juicer.  The spiritual things you discuss in this video are very dangerous, you went from discussing spiritual travel and walking through walls, and then jumped to the scriptures about what to eat, The wisdom of men is great, but the wisdom of God is greater. Both of you are guilty of transgressing Gods laws & need to read Romans 1-4 and believe it before its to late. He who's name is not written the book of life shall be cast into the lake of fire. These things are written in the hearts of all men.

  4. Shasha8674
    Shasha8674 says:

    People who eat Vegan/vegetarian may be Celiac. No gluten/dairy/soy/sugar/GMO…vitamins/good oils, LDN, detoxing may help. Raw foods have minerals and enzymes. Heat may kill Vit C and enzymes etc. Gluten may hurt so nutrients don't absorb in the intestines. Hidden gluten may hurt people. LDN helps block hidden gluten. Vit B12 methylcobalamin/iron/protein needs to be high enough if a person is not eating meat/dairy etc. When I stopped gluten I had 1000X more energy and felt 20 years younger in two weeks. When foods are alive they make you alive. Most people can't have gluten and many are finding out on their own that it makes a difference. Eating organic food helps. Cancer/acne/stiff/losing hair/most health issues maybe due to Celiac.

    My Hmong friends….have dark hair until very old and limber/young. My Hmong friend said her grandmother lived to be 120 years old.

    Thanks for being a great example/mentor to others.

  5. axiomist
    axiomist says:

    All this preaching ! C'mon, guys, this is about food. When you fail at something it's because you failed.  You didn't have enough push to get where you were going. There ain't nothing worth doing that comes without work. Sitting under a tree being "nice" won't make it. It takes balls and if you don't have them, forget it.

  6. c
    c says:

    I have come up with the absolute best recipe for the most delicious 100% raw vegan FLAN. OMG sooooooooo good HAD to share. So first off you get two organic coconuts and remove and shred the meat. Combine this with two cups of organic raw coconut milk and a quarter cup of organic coconut oil, and a tablespoon of organic cinnamon. You mix the ingredients well and then pour into small cups. Then you place them in the fridge for one hour to let them set. They come out so delicious and custardy. Almost like the real thing. I remember the real thing. It had milk…and syrup. Ahhh FLAN. I love it so much. I like to make two servings using the recipe above. Then I eat one delicious, 100% raw vegan flan, while simultaneously rubbing handfuls of the other one on my chest, face, and balls. Afterwards not only am I totally satisfied, but my balls are also so silky smooth and shiny! And my chest hairs have have the most lustrous shimmer. Like moonlight reflecting off a natural hotspring in deep in the forests of passion and desire.

  7. goanyways
    goanyways says:

    It's a shame Lou doesn't have his own channel I know there is the l.i.y.f one he's on but there's alot of product talk and not nearly enough personal just one on one talking videos like Dan has. I feel he could reach thousands upon thousands more if he were to make videos hist like this one on his own channel as well as with Dan.

  8. Zhanna Diaz
    Zhanna Diaz says:

    I love Lou but unfortunately he promotes Enzymes which are human made by taking them you STOP producing your OWN natural body enzymes. God wants us to be healthy. Obey His Natural Law and you will be healed. Prayer can change the world. We are powerful spirits in the bodily flesh came here to learn and build The Kingdom of God. This planet is not our home. Our home is in Heaven. Glory to our God Almighty!

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