How To Start A Raw Food Diet: The Easy Way

I get lots of questions asking how to start a raw food diet. This video contains the basics of how to make some simple changes to your daily meal plan to achieve great results.

Zucchini Pasta with Marinara Sauce Recipe:

Mango Salsa Recipe:

What I Eat In A Day 80/10/10 Style

My Winter Meals

What I’m Eating Now With Pictures & Calories

What I Eat In A Day On 80/10/10

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26 replies
  1. Kode Dynamo
    Kode Dynamo says:

    I watch a lot of raw vegan lifestyle videos and fruitarian diet vlogs…High carbs vegans like FreeLee the banana girl ….. and she keeps fairly active and eats 3000+ calories a day
    So my question is, if you aren't as active (lets say you have a desk job and don't exercise regularly) is it as important to eat so many calories or can you cut that back to 2000 > calories a day?

  2. Carl Magnus Eklund
    Carl Magnus Eklund says:

    How does this work with doing workout? I am hungry all the time from all the training so i eat alot.. but can one manage it with only RAW as well? proteins and so on.. with ordinary food i eat about 5 meals per day + 3 smaller..

  3. RS
    RS says:

    that craving thing is actually pretty interesting.. since i started being vegan they have almost completely disappeared. if i really want something just for appetite i'd rather grab some dried fruit even if i have a bar of organic raw chocolate (with blueberries^^) lying around for weeks now.

  4. shaun lewis
    shaun lewis says:

    I believe it's mindset changing from a garbage diet into a healthy one, perhaps why people think it's more expensive – I went all raw a few weeks ago, Big Bag of chips would cost around $4 or $5 bucks while I can get a bag of frozen veggies and for about the same price – I have found that eating junk actually cost a lot more.

  5. Rain Tree
    Rain Tree says:

    thanks for the video! i love fruits! smoothies are amazing, i like going on yummly and trying different recipes. try black sapote, an awesome fruit that tastes, looks, and has a similar texture to chocolate puding. order some online, they are picked green and let sit for about a week or more, when they become extremely soft and darken slightly, they look like something you should have thrown out a long time ago, but they are absolutely amazing. try tropical fruits like black sapote, sapodilla, jack fruit, sugar apple, etc. if you are getting bored with the normal northern fruits. you can order these fruits online if you live north of southern california or florida. if you live in south florida or a tropical climate and have land, start growing fruit trees. most fruit trees only take 3-5 years to start producing more fruit than you could possibly eat. i freeze any leftover fruit that i wasnt able to eat and make awesome smoothies throughout the year. also, different fruits ripen at different times, and all year round you have some sort of fruit that will ripen, so plant a large variety so you can have fresh fruit year round. also, plant away from the wind or it will knock off all of your fruit(the case with my grandmas mango tree). 

  6. Kelly Granite
    Kelly Granite says:

    We are in the same "tribe", I love your rawsynergytv Videos! I am over 50, and used the raw food diet to help me through Menopause and to Reverse the Aging Process. I have been a Raw Foodist for over 5 years.
    I have heard that if you take the same vitamin every day, that your body will stop making that particular one, making you dependent on it. If you feel you are missing a mineral, which everyone on the planet is— we can take that mineral for three weeks reminding our body to make it and then stop. I am getting my nutrients from an all live diet and "natural estrogen" from flax crackers and from drinking a pound of leaves a day. If anyone wants to experiment with the raw food diet and enjoy another Raw Foodist's Channel.  I invite you to my channel "Kelly Granite Enck" Raw Food Alchemist. Love Kel

  7. Evolve432
    Evolve432 says:

    i think good fat is necessary for healthy body.  Your body may need certain fats, maybe some from animals products.  Some vegetables may also need to b cooked some as they may be toxic in raw form.  Too much of even fruits or vegetables may not be too good for you and excess will not be utilized by the body and just pooped out.

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