How to Start a Healthy Raw Foods Diet in 4 Easy Steps

John from shares with you his 15 years of experience living a health raw foods lifestyle. In this video you will learn the 4 easy steps that will teach you how to start (or continue) to eat a raw foods diet in the healthiest way possible without having to purchase all the expensive superfoods.

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46 replies
  1. Zimmermania
    Zimmermania says:

    I just read a shocking article about choline as being very bad for people at risk of prostate cancer. After three years off all animal products and getting my health back I started eating eggs again. I was really shocked about this. Best to stay vegetarian… at least for me.

  2. Monopolize Your Marketplace
    Monopolize Your Marketplace says:

    John, we were close to vegetarian for about the last 10 years. Since March 2013 we came home from vacation and went 100% raw food and have been learning, reading, trying different recipes and doing very well with it. Two specific things to tell you. My wife is in excellent physical condition and her recent blood work proves that this change has increased her positive health. For me it has been easy to make this transition, but I do find myself low in energy. Can make any suggestions for me?

  3. James Carmichael
    James Carmichael says:

    I drink grass juice on a daily basis. Its free and packed with vitamins, minerals, beta carotene, antioxidants, chlorophyll and high magnetics. Dandelions, plantain and all sorts of free herbs grown all over the place. Pick 'em, eat 'em, juice, 'em, blend 'em or do whatever you want with them. Get ground and eat fresh.

  4. smruff illest
    smruff illest says:

    Hey John how are you? i have watched and watched all your videos and moved by your story and how you recovered, i just want to know if you have any idea about failed kidneys and can raw food help me? the dr. says there is no way to recover kidneys which i don't agree with. but i just want to know your take on it cheers and thx for the replay in advance. you rock and very interesting to listen too not boring like most youtube guys.

  5. Triveni satyanarayana
    Triveni satyanarayana says:

    Great Video, Thank you!

    I was a peptic ulcer patient and my family got full worried about it!

    I could cure the ulcer without medications with the help of

    1) god's grace
    2) videos like yours
    3) "body ph meter" mobile app by lokesh.
    4) diet , meditation and exercises

    Now, I know that medications are not required

  6. CraftsAndMore315
    CraftsAndMore315 says:

    Wow John thank you for this video. I found you by accident yesterday while looking for information on the Omega juicer and one thing led to another and I started watching other videos on that channel, which then led me to this channel and eventually to your gardening channel. You are a wealth of information but I know it's God who is teaching all of us through you. You, Dan McDonald, Lou Corona, Ka Sundance, and others are messengers in the health movement and I am thankful for all of you. I will continue to watch and learn from you, but also to apply the information in my life because just hearing and not doing sort of defeats the purpose. Thank you again. 🙂 Christine

  7. loveisnow2
    loveisnow2 says:

    ATTEN: John Another thing that's not being talked about a lot right now is where the produce you are eating is coming from and is the soil in that region safe? You could do an interesting video on this subject. California for example, the water is laden in radioactive material that is getting heavily into the system. Lately I try to avoid products from there and I`m sure there are others. Also GMO`s are fast becoming a big problems and you don`t know what you are getting anymore. Very sad, Monsanto devils should be run off planet!

  8. purplemutantas
    purplemutantas says:

    You rock John. I am not raw or vegan, but your videos are inspiring. I actually had to pause the video half way because you were making me want fresh produce. So I pulled out the Juicer I purchased from you and made some juice. Kale, carrot, a little bit of green apple from our garden, and some sort of red fleshed stone fruit from the garden. I will have to ask my dad what kind of fruit that is, since he is the one who planted it. The juice was amazing. It's pretty amazing what fresh raw plants can do. I don't agree with fully raw or vegan diets, but I do believe in a plant heavy diet with raw produce.

    So thanks for all your videos. I especially love your gardening videos. Thanks for turning me and my sister on to the Azomite.

    Keep doing what you do. The more people you can get to eat and grow their greens, the better.

  9. Tony Cevallos
    Tony Cevallos says:

    Can you recommend a good book that illustrates and teaches how one can create a raised garden bed for vegetables and also how to harvest them for example Spinach and cucumbers? id' appreciate any advice as i'm a city guy who soon plans to live in New Mexico and make a vegetable garden for the first time.

  10. Marian McAfee
    Marian McAfee says:

    Well, now that I have stage 4 breast cancer, bone cancer in sternum, both hips, spine abs sacrum, you have my attention. I haven't had the discipline to stay with raw foods or fast more than 5 days (and inky did that twice). It's difficult when there aren't people around who are vegetarian, or vegan much less raw. So I'm climbing back on the wagon to do the right thing and see if I can be saved. Thanks for your videos, John. From my heart to yours.

  11. Patricia Larsson
    Patricia Larsson says:

    I just subscribed because I've ended up on your channel plenty of times in my research on raw food and you have a whole lot of vise things to say. But this made me lol a bit, I don't know where you live, but try living  in Sweden and eat out of your own garden! I would like eat for three months and starve the rest of the year, if I eaven had a garden.. The reason people actually buy food isn't because we don't know better, but because we can't do better..

  12. chase from earth
    chase from earth says:

    I've always wanted to start a backyard garden of veggies and grow fruit trees and all that. However I live in a studio apartment and I'm not sure when, if ever, I'll live in a house. I like that I should start growing kitchen veggies, like sprouts.

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