How to Remove Bingo Wings

How to Remove Bingo wings is one of the most popular questions today. But before to eliminate this defect we have to understand what are the main fighting steps and how they will help you.

Let's start from the Beginner's Level. So, at first, we have to know what to fight with … What is that "bingo wings"? Here are 3 criteria:

1. Flabby muscles

2. Stretched skin

3. Fat

We must start attack every point of up list at the same time.

Fat: JUST BURN IT! I am giving some tips about fat burning in my blog … so there is no problem to find a possibility to eat a bit of cinnamon regularly or to drink grapefruit & lemon juice every day … The best of all to make an experiment with your body and to see does it work or not: stop eating white bread and pastry during one week, just one, and you'll see the difference. You can substitute A BIT of rice, cereals or nuts for these products or to try the most popular today RAW FOOD: contains all vitamins, proteins we need, minerals. Raw food extensively used in Diets and Weight Loss planning, so many companies produce their programs based on these products. Talking about easy way to do not let the appetite come up – the smell of vanilla, really works, try it. Few candles in the kitchen or any room would be just perfect.

Stretched skin : that's what makes "bingo wings" the hardest problem to fight with. At first, let's remove all dead cells from the surface (all scrubs you have, especially with olive oil or cocoa butter, or, what is the best – coffee). After, put a lot of cream (it should not be something expensive, the price does not mean quality; the best cosmetic you can always find in B abies Section ). Also you need to eat a lot of aliments which are rich of collagen: mushrooms, onions, rich fish, bamboo shoots … At the same time that will be working for your "face beauty"

Flabby muscles: If you have time, money and potential – classic massage. My own experience! Moving Cups Massage is good as well. You can even do it by yourself: one cup is enough, coz you will be working with every part of your body in turn. Use a bit of olive oil and keep doing slight twisting during 5-10 minutes. And … what really works and makes a positive effect – old as a world, but gives a result: EXERCISES! At first, some tips: the main thing for muscles is to be stretched. Try to do it as much as you can, during the day and after exercises, while the body is still warmed up. Flamenco, swimming … just think what you really like and what is less annoying for you and the result will come up very soon.

While you have "bingo wings" avoid buying clothes with short tiny sleeves, try to find something with floating cuffs or fluted sleeves. This is the aesthetic and important part of our secret operation "How to remove bingo wings" 🙂

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