How to Feed Raw To Your Pets (Starters Guide To Raw Feeding)

Raw feeding your pets can seem like a challenge but it’s not that hard to get started. Our 26-36 lbs dogs need about 10 ounces of raw food a day.

First choose your protein source (stay consistent with either poultry, or red meat like beef for each meal). Variety is good so don’t be afraid to try different protein sources to see what your dog likes!

You can use commercially available options or source the meat yourself. Avoid grains because your pets don’t need them!

Next you might need to prep the meat.

Once that is done just combine everything! Consider adding some supplements like digestive enzymes, goats milk, ground flax seed, or other things that can provide extra vitamins to help keep your dog healthy!

Feel free to contact us with questions!

You can get a good dehydrated option here called Honest Kitchen:

If you have a grazing problem try adding this:

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14 replies
  1. izziewizzy Jones
    izziewizzy Jones says:

    Hi! I know I am late but, I have a King Charles Spaniel with no teeth! He is 13 years old. I stopped feeding him raw because I didn't know if he could chew raw meat. I was wondering if his stubs of what was once teeth could still chew on raw meat? And just take out the bones in the meat? Do you think that'd I should try this?

  2. Jazmin Ramirez
    Jazmin Ramirez says:

    I have a question. If I feed my dog raw let's say he is a big dog like a pitbull or German shepherd. Let's say I start feeding him raw and one day we are playing and he bites me by accident and draws blood. Won't that make him think that I taste like his food and he will want to eat me

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