How To Feed RAW Food To Dogs

This video shows what a RAW meal looks like for a 90 pound dog and provides links to several online resources to help you learn more and get started.

The dog in this video is Lobo, my German Shepherd. He has been eating RAW since he was 8wks old.

If you have seen some of my prior RAW feeding videos you will hear me repeating some of the information from them here and in my future RAW feeding videos. This is done for multiple reasons…

1. The ‘vast majority’ of those watching these feeding videos, some of which have gotten close to a million views, are 1st time viewers to my channel that haven’t seen my prior feeding videos.

2. If I don’t repeat these RAW feeding facts I will be asked them over and over in the comments section even if I post it here.

You have now been warned… Lol. If you are not interested in hearing some of this information repeated don’t complain here about it in my comments… just don’t click on and watch my RAW feeding videos. 🙂

*To answer a question I know I will get in the comments:

Yes, it’s OK to feed your dogs ‘RAW’ bones. It’s only cooked bone you should never feed your dogs – including those large Smoke Bones they sell at pet stores. Cooking the bone makes it undigested, brittle and prone to causing obstruction of the g-track and a perforated bowel. Canines are meant to digest raw bones and have been doing it for millions of years. Don’t take my word for it though, I’m just some guy on YouTube… lol. Do your research. I’ll provide some links down below if you’d like to do that. I’ve been feeding this way for over 20 years with great results.

*Muk-bang or mukbang is an online broadcast in which a host eats large quantities of food, while interacting with their audience. Usually done through a webcast.

I feed my dogs the B.A.R.F. Diet (Biologically Appropriate Raw Foods). Here are a couple of books on the B.A.R.F. diet I recommend by DVM Ian Billinghurst.

Give Your Dog A Bone

Grow Your Pups with Bones: The BARF Program For breeding Healthy Dogs And Eliminating Skeletal Disease

Here is a good online resource if you are looking to get started feeding your dog a raw diet…

RAW Food amount calculator – How much to feed

Vet GivesThe Health Benefits of Raw Feeding for Dogs…

Watch video and check out article linked below on the dangers of commercial pet foods and myths about feeding raw…

Some other RAW feeding videos I recommend below…

Is It Expensive To Feed Your Dog RAW Foods?

Does RAW food make dogs aggressive?

Guide to feeding dogs RAW food

How to feed your dog RAW food

How to feed your puppy RAW food

***Here is a playlist of 80+ videos of my dogs and puppies eating various things on the raw diet…

*Visit my Instagram:

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32 replies
  1. Laura's Life
    Laura's Life says:

    Talking about teeth. My one year old Zed took 2 minutes to break a 3 year guaranteed chew toy. I took it back. The Pet Shop is having a go at the makers as it was meant for a far stronger and bigger dog. Having said that Zed has huge teeth 🙂 . Great to see you and Lobo. Thanks Chadde .

  2. Bill Baggio
    Bill Baggio says:

    I feed my 8 year old cross breed english bull kibble for breakfast and she has cooked meat and rice or veg in the evening. Would swapping her evening meal for raw and then weening her off her kibble in the morning be a good way of getting her fully on to the raw diet?

  3. aya
    aya says:

    I really hope you'll reply , I'm getting a husky puppy ( about 7 weeks old ) should i give him raw meat / chicken or should i cook it a little ? Also I'm using grounded egg shells for a source of calcium what is your thought about that ? 🙂

  4. Raquel S
    Raquel S says:

    This honestly answers a lot of questions about my old dog he died on October 31st but before that I remember my dog wouldn't eat his typical dog food so we gave him cooked chicken but everytime we did he would throw up & have diarrhea. Once he ate a live pegion & I thought he was going to die & get infected but nothing happened it seemed like he was healthy, I'm shook. 😲

  5. Kate G
    Kate G says:

    Can I feed my dog Salmon or any fish fillets from the store that are in packages and frozen already? Also can I feed whole fish that are already frozen from store or would I have to freeze it for days myself before giving ?

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