How To Feed A Puppy RAW Food

This video shows what a RAW meal looks like for a 30 pound puppy and provides links to several online resources to help you get started.

The puppy in this video is Ulu my 13wk old Lycan Shepherd. She has been eating a RAW diet since she was 4wks old.

If you have seen some of my prior RAW feeding videos you will hear me repeating some of the information from them here and in my future RAW feeding videos. This is done for multiple reasons…

1. The ‘vast majority’ of those watching these feeding videos, some of which have gotten close to a million views, are 1st time viewers to my channel that haven’t seen my prior feeding videos.

2. If I don’t repeat these RAW feeding facts I will be asked them over and over in the comments section.

You have now been warned… Lol. If you are not interested in hearing some of this information repeated don’t complain here about it in my comments… just don’t click on and watch my RAW feeding videos. 🙂

*To answer a question I know I will get in the comments:

Yes, it’s OK to feed your dogs ‘RAW’ bones. It’s only cooked bone you should never feed your dogs – including those large Smoke Bones they sell at pet stores. Cooking the bone makes it undigested, brittle and prone to causing obstruction of the g-track and a perforated bowel. Canines are meant to digest raw bones and have been doing it for millions of years. Don’t take my word for it though, I’m just some guy on YouTube… lol. Do your research. I’ll provide some links down below if you’d like to do that. I’ve been feeding this way for over 20 years with great results.

*Muk-bang or mukbang is an online broadcast in which a host eats large quantities of food, while interacting with their audience. Usually done through a webcast.

I feed my dogs the B.A.R.F. Diet (Biologically Appropriate Raw Foods). Here are a couple of books on the B.A.R.F. diet I recommend by DVM Ian Billinghurst.

Give Your Dog A Bone

Grow Your Pups with Bones: The BARF Program For breeding Healthy Dogs And Eliminating Skeletal Disease

Here is a good online resource if you are looking to get started feeding your dog a raw diet…

RAW Food amount calculator – How much to feed

Vet GivesThe Health Benefits of Raw Feeding for Dogs…

Watch video and check out article linked below on the dangers of commercial pet foods and myths about feeding raw…

Here are a few short videos to check out. WARNING this guy Peter Caine yells, swears and bitches a lot at the camera…. lol, but I enjoy his videos.

Raw diet for Large Dog 50-100lb…………Peter Caine Dog Training

Raw diet for dog 50-100lb using ground beef …….Peter Caine dog training

Raw Diet for large breed Dog 50 -100lb……..Peter Caine Dog training

Jerk Off Says “Raw Diet for Dog is To Expensive”

Biggest mistake with Raw Diet for Dogs (Dogs with Adult Teeth)

Adding Vegetables and fruit to Dogs Raw Diet

Feed puppy like its a wolf, Raw feeding.

***Here is a playlist of 70+ videos of my dogs and puppies eating various things on the raw diet…

*Visit my Instagram:

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36 replies
  1. Lexy B
    Lexy B says:

    I have a ? Since feeding mine barf they have lost weight and love the food. My 6 year old female got an upset stomach. She was really down. Took her to the vet. They ran her blood and she had elevated white cells. Vet said it was probably from the raw food. Excess bacteria. Have hours even been sick, lethargic, etc. After eating raw chicken.

  2. Naa Nee Yii
    Naa Nee Yii says:

    I've been watching for a while now…safe to say the recent K9 raw food 'mukbang' video trend started here. I like how more and more people are realizing the benefits of raw vs. kibble and starting to switch over. Great videos and keep it up!

  3. LORIE S.
    LORIE S. says:

    Hi Chadd I too feed both my dogs raw. Recently I decided to feed them twice a day, rather than once because I noticed they weren't chewing enough and they were throwing up whole drumsticks for instance.
    A question for you… I notice my dogs seem to be always hungry. Is it a breed thing you think? One is a GSD/LAB mix and the other a sheltie mix. The GSD mix is 35-40lbs at 3 yrs old and gets between 450g-500g a day depending on the activity level that day. The sheltie mix is about 25lb at 8yrs old and she gets between 250g-275g a day.
    How do those quantities seem to you? They are not overweight nor under. Just wondering why the constant search for food! And they eat grass all the time.
    Any thoughts would greatly be appreciated. I ask you because of your experience and because vets seem to look down on raw feeding. Love your videos!! Thanks!

  4. Volttail02
    Volttail02 says:

    Beautiful puppy! I can't wait to see what she looks like as a grown dog. I wish i could convince my folks to feed my dog this diet, but I've never had any luck, haha
    May i ask what a Lycan Shepherd is, though? I've never seen you mention it in the videos I've watched with the breed, and a google search didn't help me out ;u;

    Love your content though! Best of luck with your doggoes, they're all gorgeous <3

  5. darthtaiter
    darthtaiter says:

    1st508th Airborne you might also point out that it's especially okay to feed raw chicken parts these days because the commercial chicken that you get in the super market comes from very young birds usually no more than twelve to sixteen weeks old, so the bones aren't really all that hard anyway.
    The only caution with raw bones might be if you are raising your own birds, such as I do. In older birds, even the raw bones break up into very hard, razor sharp, shards. so some caution needs to be taken in deciding which parts to feed off with the full bones in place.

  6. WatchGriff TV
    WatchGriff TV says:

    Hello iv just come to your channels its ace! as you mentioned its just as cheap to buy raw compared to kibble. Would you be able to go on a shop to explain what u buy, best places….just a round up documentary/vlog?

  7. Joe
    Joe says:

    How often do you go to the store to stock up on foods? Do you prepare all the portions days/week in advance, or sort of wing it? I would be interested in watching a video of what its like when you stock up.

  8. Damian Karras
    Damian Karras says:

    Airborne tell me what you think. The whole point of cooking meat is to eliminate bacteria using heat and to improve the absorption of nutrients. I strongly agree with your beliefs; however, from my perspective there is something that doesn't quite sink in with raw food. Also, the most memorable memory in my life is from my stray German Shepard devouring, like a maniac, a bowl of pure beef stew with salt and pepper…Baron truly loved it with passion. Thanks.

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