How to feed a Prey Model Raw diet affordably and easily

After feeding my dogs a balanced diet for almost two years I have found an easier way to do it. I hope you can take a bit of what I am doing and make it your own. I was wrong on the number of days this prep would last. It is more like 5-6 days.
I also did not touch on suppliments. I feed Spirulina and coconut oil as life allows. Please if you have questions let me know.

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22 replies
  1. Shelli Woodward
    Shelli Woodward says:

    Can you help me do the math break down for my dogs? I have amale lab 70lbs, a female lab and male pittie both 60 lbs, my female is my highest energy dog of the 3 and my pittie is my lowest energy dog and Gavin falls in the middle of these two. I was feeding all 3 2 cups of kibble per day split between two meal. I just started the raw food diet and just about have them weaned and ready to go full steam ahead I plan to maintain the two cups a day and adjust from there if needed. I want to make sure i get the ratios correct for them.

  2. Amen News
    Amen News says:

    I'm just beginning to consider going raw with my 6 month old English Mastiff, Katie. I like what you did here. Your brain works like mine lol prep work is key. I have subscribed, after I watch a few more videos I might have questions for you.
    Thanks for sharing.
    I wanted to ask if you have heard that hydrogen peroxide kills germs just as well as bleach? It's cheap and nontoxic. Look it up and see what you think, it might save you a little money. 💰

  3. kim sloan
    kim sloan says:

    I have just started my dogs on raw meat diet. I have(4) 100 lb dogs and a 10 lb dog. right now it is overwhelming and it doesnt seem to fill them up so I am only incorporating a chicken leg for them in the morning and probably 5oz each in the evening. They are also vomiting a little bit. is this normal?

  4. Lori Cardenas
    Lori Cardenas says:

    Out of all of the raw feeding videos out there I have to say I like yours the best. I've been feeding a raw diet to my 5 shar pei for 4 yrs now and I now longer need a scale. It's like second nature to me. I am a nurturer/mother/pack leader 😆 and I feel happy when I get to prepare their food for them. There is such a big difference in the way they look, smell and even play since I've been feeding this diet.
    Thank you for being detailed, it truly helps a beginner feel more confident in knowing they're doing the right thing 😁

  5. Rayna S
    Rayna S says:

    how did you figure out all the amounts of everything to feed your dogs? Im interested in trying raw bc my dog generally turns her nose up at most kibble bc she gets bored so easily and its become a lot of work to buy different kinds of dog food to mix just so she'll eat a little bit.

  6. Captain Ron
    Captain Ron says:

    Good, informative video. Thanks. We are in our 6th year of feeding PMR to our three dogs. Our "system" for prepping meals has evolved, based on trying new, more efficient processes and taking advice from other PMR people. If I were to explain the process in detail, it would seem far too complicated for most people, so I'll not try. However, generally speaking we buy our meat products when on sale or dated, butcher it then store it in our chest freezer. Once each week we assemble each dog's week's worth (based on total weight for the week) of meals in a large container. Then we divide the contents of the container into 7 roughly equal portions for each day of the week. These portions are put in baggies then put in containers in our upright freezer. At feeding time each day, we remove the next day's meals and put them in the refrigerator so they will be thawed for the next day's feeding.

    I've left out a lot of details (like weighing the amounts, ensuring the proper amounts of liver, organ and bone) but I think this is enough info to give you an idea of a different approach. Weekly assembly of meals takes us about 35 minutes. Cheers.

  7. yalman32
    yalman32 says:

    so every time i feed my 70 bl dog chicken quarter he seem to have watery poop, but with other things like liver gizard and chicken paw with beef rib poop is solid? dose this mean my dog can't process a whole chicken quarter?

  8. Nicky P
    Nicky P says:

    Wow that's a lot of prep! I just buy ground beef, chicken, turkey or lamb. I only have 1 greyhound so it's too much work to get so many ingredients especially because I like to buy fresh meat every 2 or 3 days for him. I feed 1 1/2 cups of meat, 3/4 cup of hot oatmeal, 1 scoop of yoghurt and some chopped up fruit or vegetable (celery, broccoli, green beans, apple…) I'm not sure if the oatmeal is ok though. It's really easy to make a big pot of oatmeal though and add a bit to his meat you know? It's cheap and convenient (and I hope it's good for him)! For organs, I just feed dried treats made of organs. Is it enough? It's mostly raw but the meat cooks a bit in the hot oatmeal. If I run out of fresh meat, I substitute 2 large beaten eggs.

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