How to do a Raw Food Cleanse

It’s one thing to be on a raw food diet, but another to just simply do a raw food cleanse. A raw foods cleanse could be beneficial to anyone on any type of diet.

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28 replies
  1. hasaczhasacz
    hasaczhasacz says: petitions/matt-monarch-and-dave-wolfe-selling-deer-antler-extract-deer-placenta-and-colostrum now Matt please shut the fuck up if you want to add some great thoughts about animals and their rights

  2. Mahia Gaia
    Mahia Gaia says:

    My answer on your question would be: You physically get more energy to do your true passion in life. It's only one aspect of the answer but it's a very important one ; personal growth, clarity, you can achieve on any type of food, but energy is difficult when the digestive system is rebelling. I'm at the stage that I'm struggling back and forth toward health food style, and each time I go back to the bad habits, it's what I experienced: energy level difference.

    Thanks for the work that you do

  3. TheInkinJapan
    TheInkinJapan says:

    Really? Seven years? My guess is you had pay logical 'issues' and they were what was throwing you out of balance. I think the fact that you have basically given up your life as you knew it, according to you, for a 15-year long raw food diet would support that.

  4. Nancy Clay
    Nancy Clay says:

    The purpose for me would be to try to undo what I have done to my body for so many years of neglect and abuse. To allow it to heal and repair as it was designed to do. I want more healthful years in my life to enjoy my family and all the wonderful things the world has to offer. I want to show those in my life that you can improve the quality of living.

  5. Carl Witzel
    Carl Witzel says:

    You have discovered and shared with us a timeless reality in which the goal is to help others move away from that which is harmful and toward to that which is most healthful. What else can we do then with this abundance of energy except guide others to this same understanding.

  6. Pegaz Pegasus
    Pegaz Pegasus says:

    Answer: To live life fully. But then you can ask again, what for do I want to life fully. And this leads to ultimate philosophical question about the sense of life, and no one has answered this so far. In my opinion there is no sense. Life just happened on earth without any particular sense. Unless you believe in god, and after life, than you have a whole range of possible answers about sense of life…

  7. Emily BH
    Emily BH says:

    I like the idea of a colonic but don't you have to be pretty healthy to handle the side effects of the lymphatic system being disturbed after the forced evacuation with toxins re-entering the blood stream? My naturopath is much more in favor of the slow and steady approach using gentle cleansing and changing the diet and possibly adding herbs to encourage elimination. Couldn't you just eat a laxative diet and herbs to accomplish what a colonic would do more gently?

  8. Sara Martin
    Sara Martin says:

    Some people say, "What's the point in being so healthy….I'm going to die either way." This is just an excuse to NOT eat healthy.

    It's not about the length of life, it's about the quality of life. You can live for 80 years with tons of medical problems and a handful of medicine to take every day. Aches and pains and hospital visits…..
    Or you can live for 60 years sickness free, pain free, feeling like you are still 30. And you will get more out of your 60 year life being healthy, than 80 years of being miserable. 
    (But of course, if you eat healthy, you will probably live longer anyway.)

  9. Holly Arafat
    Holly Arafat says:

    exactly, it is a good question, the more toxins I eliminate from my intake… the more sensitive I am to chemicals and other people and cars and jobs and stupid conversations and if someone sprays Glade, I freak out and run out. I guess what I'm saying is that I've become even less socially acceptable. damn, so why do we do it???  It makes me glow like a lightning bug and I seem to feel more joy for no apparent reason……… 

  10. ghannusa
    ghannusa says:

    To succeed in things you're doing, to become inspired (Because your soul is open to get more inspiration when your clean) To make conscious choices. If your body is clean, your mind is clean too. That's my answer.

  11. Cute Cats
    Cute Cats says:

    Is that a maid in the back cleaning your kitchen? It's very distracting, trying to hear your epic words.  Lucky you to have that huge house, an estate, money, most people don't have that. I can't afford green juices or a juicer. 

  12. Light Fantastic
    Light Fantastic says:

    Why I want to be healthy?  To be able to serve my Creator with vigor, the Great I Am,  and with His guidance be of service to my fellow man. Matt, you are such an inspiration to me and to so many others.  Thank you for being who you are..  I am reminded of Daniel, the greatly beloved Prophet of YHWH who ate only PULSE and was so Devoted to His Creator.  Daniel was granted much wisdom and strength of character to enable him to be of much service to his fellow man.  Two Thousand Five Hundred years later, , even today, Daniel is such an inspiration to people like myself.  I believe the PULSE he ate was food which had a life force and was vegetarian in origin, so would not include dead animals.  You rock, Matt.

  13. Debra Thiem
    Debra Thiem says:

    Hi Matt, I understand what you are saying. Thank you. I went through this in 1991 with a naturalist doc. I felt like I was 18 again after detoxing & treatments. The reason I need to make these life changes is my health has deteriorated over the last 24 years. I fell off the wagon so to speak due to the FDA pulling my drs. License. It was so traumatic for me. I now am very Spiritual and have been doing patient care & ministry to patients in a hospital here for 9 yrs. I want to expand this service to help others & give people the truth of Jesus. I have been out of work this year. I need to feel better to expand my ministry. I just recently met Dave Bruce who gave me these videos. Thank you.

  14. Rhiannon Smith
    Rhiannon Smith says:

    I decided to do a raw food a few months ago. I researched and read about detox symptoms. I thought it was an exaggeration, but OH MYYYYYY GOD. I got a rash that sent me to the E.R. I was so incredibly itchy and COVERED with a red rash. I was so swollen. it was awful. But, after it was complete I felt amazing. I didn't think I was eating all that bad, but I guess I was.
    I eat mostly raw foods now, occasionally steamed veggies, quinoa, nut butters and stuff. I couldn't tell you what the percentage is, but I know I only eat maybe one small portion of cooked food every day or every other day. I can't tell you how mentally clear I am and how my mood has improved. I feel GREAT. And my skin looks amazing. I think you're great. Keep spreading the good stuff brother!

  15. Doreen Nestell
    Doreen Nestell says:

    I know this is from a while back. I have recently been binging your videos. Inotice all your videos on cleanse and colonics… None talk about using aloe. I drink aloe daily and wonder what are your thoughts on that to assist with a cleanse.

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