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41 replies
  1. MsStephanieAnn82
    MsStephanieAnn82 says:

    Earthy is very healthy yes indeed =D Thank God for you helping me get back to my earthing and eating raw and one by one we all shall show others how it is done! WHOOP WHOOP! show em what we workin with…. =p Hahahahahahahahahah =p DOnt you give up! Takes time everything does and seasons of life happen constantly and shifting to a new way to go about or what not but never give up when you know you are RIGHT, and right you are but I ray you stick with Lord our God ONLY…… you are so right there too and I know you believe already but I notice you shift to other positive things that are not of God…. but you are a amazing person on the right path for sure! Not saying you are in the wrong at all… hope Im not being to much just care about people and have seen so much of Gods Glory and ect. =D

  2. Gracie Decker
    Gracie Decker says:

    Your videos have been invaluable to me over the past few years! I went from having a decade long eating disorder, to eating junk food to put on weight. In 2013 when I was in my college party/drinking phase, I discovered the term 'Raw Vegan' and found your channel! I had absolutely zero sense of nutrition and why the body behaves the way it does. It's been a journey, but now I have a healthy relationship with food and I eat to nourish my body instead of trying to avoid life. Your more recent videos on the microbiome have really helped my body repair from my Celiac Disease as well! Incorporating enzymes and probiotics helps me feel like a million bucks! I still go back and forth between cooked and raw, but I don't beat myself up for where I'm at. Eating living foods feels best and I hope, soon, to be 100%. I've learned to eat with love instead of loathing and that is magic to me! And a huge part of that has been you sharing your content and being willing to teach. Thank you, thank you, thank you <3

  3. James D
    James D says:

    Hey Dan keep spreading the vegan message! My sister and I will be visiting Kauai mid Jan through Feb. I think you might know my sisters friend Lotus who lives on the North Shore. Anyways maybe we can meet up to hang out. Take care, Jim

  4. Brigid O'Neill
    Brigid O'Neill says:

    thanks your brilliant , really these vids are what Iam preparing for myself a similar way of sharing the good news to assist others have a nicer life than a lot have found themselves stuck into the traps set by other wicked greedy few. and I fully understand how difficult can be to cut to the chase and explain  to get through to the ones whom especially need most. again thankx.

  5. Gege Grace
    Gege Grace says:

    "the truth is not popular", the biggest piece of "truth" I've heard on youtube after 3 hours haha. Scripture confirms a raw food diet, the deep sea scrolls record Yeshua saying "For burned, frozen and rotted foods will burn, freeze and rot your body also."

  6. Ray Pena
    Ray Pena says:

    I see the truth of what you are saying. I feel the the energy from live foods. I started with Pura Dyme. It affects are POWERFUL. God Bless you. I watched many of your videos and your messages are a blessing. It helps me on my journey of a healthier lifestyle.

  7. Brokenness and Beauty
    Brokenness and Beauty says:

    I just had a really bad, huge binge and I've been juicing for almost a week. I haven't been juice cleansing but was juicing and limiting my consumption of "bad" food. Should I drink a juice after this huge binge? I need to break this addiction. I need too cleanse and fight this addiction. I'm 23 years old and I want to control now. I want to wear clothes I love. I want to break free. I need help..

  8. Tatyanna
    Tatyanna says:

    Thank you for this. I have known this truth for a while, and haven’t made the switch to raw living foods because I have serious parasite overgrowth. I know that the gut bacteria is controlling me, but it’s been the toughest to rise above. I know parasites are somewhat helpful and they’re serving their purpose to get rid of the death (disease) in my colon. This video may really make me a raw vegan/ fruitarian so thank you. ☺️

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