How much does a Raw Food Diet COST?

People who have been wondering how much it costs to give Zazu and Walle a raw food diet. Come along with us on a food run.

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28 replies
  1. Labrador Paradise
    Labrador Paradise says:

    And that sucks when you just gave him a bath and he got all dirty that's why I don't really bathe my dogs because there's no point because they get all dirty like that next day lol. I just spray them off outside with tropiclean dog wipes that spells like coconuts.

  2. sukkirubaco
    sukkirubaco says:

    You have lovely dogs, especially Zazu! I love laboradors!
    I feel obligated to say this because I'm a veterinarian and I have seen first hand the danger of raw food. I have a patient that's a 4 year old Chihuahua. The owner had been feeding her a raw diet since she's become an adult. She was found to be seriously ill a few months ago. She was treated aggressively for liver problems, and ultimately taken to surgery to remove her gallbladder and biopsy the liver. She was diagnosed with severe salmonella infection of her gallbladder and liver. She was almost at a point of liver failure and we think her liver has already sustained irreverable damage.
    I think the danger of bacterial infection of raw food outweighs its benefits. Cooking meat should provide the same nutrition as raw, minus the potential risk. This is a friendly reminder. By all means conduct your own research.

    I just would hate for another dog to go through the same thing as my patient. Cheers!

  3. Moonxoxo
    Moonxoxo says:

    It’s seems less expensive than kibble. You also save by buying in bulking and when there’s sales. Do you feed other proteins, like beef muscle meat? I read that chicken is the least beneficial protein and it causes inflammation in the body. Also they’re eating a BARF diet?

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