How I Travel by Car & Eat a Raw Food Diet + Produce Shopping Haul

John from shares with you how he travels by car and eats a raw food diet. In this episode, you will learn tips and about all the different tools that John brings with him when he travels that allows him to easily maintain his raw vegan diet when traveling by car.

In this episode, John is packing up the car for the last leg of their trip, and before he does, he will share with you all the different appliances, kitchen tools, coolers, etc that he brought that makes travel fun and easy when raw.

You will also discover some of the fruits and vegetables, juices, treats and snacks that he will sometimes bring.

Finally, you will discover all the amazing deals on organic produce that he purchased at the los angeles wholesale produce terminal and all the vegetable plant starts he purchased on this road trip.

After watching this episode, you will have a better understanding on how to travel by car and easily maintain your raw food diet.

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38 replies
  1. The Chosen One
    The Chosen One says:

    hahahahaha ur a crazy dude man u surprise me every time some of the stuff you do i wouldnt even think of doing lol i just eal locally at a vegan restaurant or just be vegetarian for a duration of the trip no big deal a few days wont kill you. But its fun to see you're doing it like that :)

  2. Raw LawGirl
    Raw LawGirl says:

    You have a great system. However, I would find that to be far too much work. I just pack some fruit and water and get over it. Here, raw almost seems obsessive. I have been a Vegan 40 years and all raw at times and while I did take my juicer to Hawaii once for a 7-10 day vacation, mostly I pack exceptionally light on road and plane trips and keep it simple. In fact, sometimes I find travel is an opportunity to eat less, which is not likely going to harm most of us if just for a few days. I have fasted at times until I found my next meal.

  3. Miriam Wallace
    Miriam Wallace says:

    Within my lovely family many people are chubby, you will find there's large amount of tendency for obesity. However I could quickly shed weight dieting my cousin did. The dietary plan is quite powerful with it' lost 21 pounds and with many different health. The dietary plan is here TOP2DIET (The site is dot com)

  4. Raw LawGirl
    Raw LawGirl says:

    P.S. I used to go to the markets downtown and buy wholesale by the box years ago when I was a fruitarian. However, I find that LOCAL organic produce is superior to anything I find downtown. Stuff like the pineapples, coconuts, and cantaloupe are all imported foods. They have been off the tree much longer and to me, are interior in taste and nutrition. On one hand, you get a wide variety by shopping downtown, but on the other hand I doubt the nutritional value is superior. It has to about more than just food. Supporting local organic farmers and maximizing nutrition are crucial to me. However, I do admit that shopping primarily at local organic farmers market can be quite expensive especially when I buy mostly fruits. Ultimately, I prefer to eat local and organic than eating so much food that is imported. Additionally, other countries have different standards on chemicals. As such, buying so called imported organic and non-organic food leaves me to wonder what I am really getting. Of course, this can be said even about local organic produce. Once you get used to eating all local organic produce, you will notice the absence of real taste in imported chemically treated food.

  5. Herb Zagorac
    Herb Zagorac says:

    yeah I think you went way too overboard wit this 1 John. Between you and your girl that food should last about a month or so. i understand get good deals, but you ought to give some away because i bet some of those fruits will go bad. but hey if that's fun to you don't listen to me, i wish i can do it like that

  6. Rich Puppy
    Rich Puppy says:

    Love to hear the excitement in your voice in these videos. To have your girl with you adds to the enthusiasm, it shows the dedication the both of you have to a healthy life style. Keep them coming. I love your videos.

  7. americanwillow
    americanwillow says:

    John, the problem with "consumer democracy" is that it is an unreliable form of "voting" since people vote their emotional buying choices, not based on "the issues" and the votes that count depend on how much voting power people have (how much money they spend). So in place of "one person, one vote," the more money spent on said food/candidate equals greater voting power. So if government subsidizes corporate food production (weflare for the rich), that would mean more if the "number of votes" outnumbered the votes of ordinary people (just as an example). Jake Mace recently made a similar argument. However, a better tactic is to change political policy toward food production to put into law changes that ate truly beneficial to most people. However, I understand your point.

  8. Jasmin Jalo
    Jasmin Jalo says:

    this makes me so sad now. everything looks so great.. I wish in China I would have the possibility to have my own herbs and greens but in a week can't grow them ? so this is all I get, imagination of green and organics ?

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