How I Prepare My Dog’s Meals (Raw Food Diet)

— DISCLAIMER (2017-08-01) —

For those that are curious, I feed my dog the chubs I buy from my local meat vendor. Those chubs I buy are specifically made for dogs under their raw dog food section. I buy a several different variety of meats and rotate them daily, and each chub is already a mixture of a variety of meats, organs, and bones.

I have been feeding my dog this very diet, more or less, for about 5 years now (he’s turning 11 soon), and he has never had any health problems ever since I put him on this raw food diet, yes, that includes bananas, eggs, breads, milk, and occasional human food. In fact, he’s been thriving on this. Milk is his favorite thing ever! more than any other treats! I do occasionally give him large bones with meats, which helps clean his teeth and is an additional source of calcium. You can find those videos in my youtube channel as well.

Maybe it’s just my luck with him, but I will keep feeding my dog what has obviously been working well for me and him. This video is more of a vlog showing what I feed my dog, and is not intended to be an instructional video that everyone must follow.

Thank you for viewing my video and for voicing your concerns for my dog’s well-being. Your thoughts are much appreciated! 🙂


Hi viewers! Thanks for stopping by. I’ve been asked several times how I prepare Calgary’s meals so I thought I’d share 🙂

I’ve been feeding Calgary raw meat since about 4 years ago (he’s 10 now), and he’s never been healthier and never had any major illness or health issues whatsoever.

Any questions, please feel free to leave a comment and ask me away. Hope this helps!


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43 replies
  1. Lindsey Wilhelm
    Lindsey Wilhelm says:

    Love it. I just started getting similar raw meat chubs at my farmer's market. For those who don't know, usually those chubs include muscle meat, organ meat (offals), bone, and tripe (great source of nutrients you'd get from veggies) and this is typically in either an 80/10/10 or a 75/15/10 prey model or somewhere around there. But you should always ask the vendor just in case. These are also some great sites that helped me along the way. (click to get the videos, they were enormously helpful)

  2. Ludvig R. R.
    Ludvig R. R. says:

    Dont take this as hate or negativity. just trying to help and say what i think. im not a expert in any way. I respect everybody have a different meaning and way to do it 🙂
    Bread, banana and milk are not that good for a dog. Maybe a little some times is okay, but not something that should be in a dogs diet. better with more and different types of meat and organs as heart, liver,stomach, brain. And i would recommend more raw bones both for a natural calcium intake and it is good for the teeth.

  3. anne smith
    anne smith says:

    Don't hear plastic in the microwave. Dogs are sensitive to cancer…… is wheat bread or chia seeds better than white bread? My dog died of cancer and I dont know if white bread is good. This guy LOVES his dog SOOOO much! What a good daddy!

  4. Ve Mo
    Ve Mo says:

    I sure hope you're feeding organs and bones as well. This is extremely unbalanced for a real raw diet. Bread and bananas are completely unnecessary too… just pointless carbs and sugar that they cannot process any nutrients from. An unbalanced raw diet is incredibly dangerous to your dog, so I really hope you have been following the 80/10/10 meat, organ, and bone rule, for your dog's sake.

  5. AzureHeartSong
    AzureHeartSong says:

    This is NOT a balanced raw diet. Please do not emulate this video. This is lacking in protein variety and red meat. The dog also needs bone and organ meat. Bread and bananas are not beneficial. Please do further research.

  6. CHASE B
    CHASE B says:

    Please do not do this. Your dog is going to become calcium deficient. This isn't even raw, theres freaking bread in there. Dogs eat whole raw animal. Meat, fat, and bone. You need to simulate their diet as if they were in the wild. Look up Peter Caine Dog Training, he's the master.

  7. karma police
    karma police says:

    bread? seriously? … and why not give the egg shell? and instead you give some calcium powder? banana is not a good thing to give on a daily/weekly basis as a meal(to much sugar) and where is the organ?! and milk?? most dogs have basicly no lactase and cant break down lactose. so milk is very hard for grown up dogs to digest

  8. Toxic Main
    Toxic Main says:

    this guy needs to do some research.. I wouldn't recommend feeding bananas and especially not bread to your dog for meals. A little banana as a treat, and I mean maybe a 1/4 of a banana as a treat once in a while is ok, but not a whole banana every meal!!!!

    If you are going to add vegetation to your dogs diet, puree some berries leafy greens and veggies (avoiding night shade types {i.e: Tomatoes, potatoes, eggplant, peppers etc), 7/3 ratio veggie to fruit (10% of diet) {(80-10-10-10) Meat, bone, offal/Liver(50-50), Veggies/fruit (7/3)} whole egg is good, kelp, alfalfa, fish oil (or sub some whole fish like sardines), Vitamin E. Bone should be size appropriate for the dog and never feed dinosaur bones to dogs as meals. Chicken neck and feet are good small bones, wings as well. Thigh/drumstick, rabbit legs, etc, Ribs and brisket. Whole chicken carcasses are good for bigger dogs as well. But again, a Chihuahua shouldn't be eating beef rib or brisket bones, as a German Shepard will not benefit from chicken necks (unless you're grinding the bones, then the size isn't much of an issue since the point is for them to chew it)

    Controversially, a tiny bit of garlic can actually be beneficial to keep fleas and ticks at bay. Small doses, about 1/2-1 clove every other day per 20 pounds of dogs ideal weight. up to 3 cloves (even if your dog is 150lbs) *but I am not a doctor, so do your own research. Peppermint oil on their coats is another alternative, but I hate the smell of peppermint.

    I'm just a guy on the internet though. Do research on your own before deciding or implementing a raw diet for your own dogs, or cats (different needs obviously). It took me a while to feel confident in feeding this way, but after spending hours a day for months researching and watching videos, it is the way to go. Some dogs may need to be coaxed, while others (most) will instinctually love it.

    ****Always supervise bone feedings as some dogs might try to inhale the bone rather than chew it. (you can hold it for them to help slow them down. Grinding bones is alright for nutritional value, but your dog wont get the added benefit of cleaning their teeth and keeping that breath fresh(also mental stimulation and strengthening their mandibles). Bones should always be raw!!!! never feed cooked, boiled, or smoked bones as they are brittle and wont digest like raw bones will. Smaller bones are softer and shouldn't present problems as far as breaking teeth, but recreational bones aka dinosaur bones can present that risk even raw so always supervise bone feeding no matter what! Break the mold and if you love your animal start feeding them raw food! Processed kibble, no matter how good it is, will never compare to a raw diet.

    Sorry for the long post. I was just saddened by this video.

  9. Stephanie Murray
    Stephanie Murray says:

    Great video, ,,, my Jack was dying of severe diabètes and the vet said that she would not live ,,, I put her on a raw diet ( better late than never, I am SOOOO ashamed of not doing it sooner ) and she is great after six months ,,,, lots of energy and yes huge injections but the vet cannot understand why she is still with me !!!! so YES raw is the way to go ,,,,

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