How I do Raw Vegan Lifestyle and Why

Talking about how I do raw vegan lifestyle and why. I like to clarify my version of a plant based diet from time to time. The only way this thing works for me is by keeping my raw food diet simple.

Raw Vegan Fruit Lover:

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7 replies
  1. William T
    William T says:

    When all is said and done Jack, and all the rubble clears. You're gonna be one of the ones who rises first LOL! You are who you are, you don't subscribe to sh*t and I appreciate that about you. You stick with what's working for you and you're very regimented. I'm learning a lot from you brother. Peace ✌️

  2. Stephanie Long
    Stephanie Long says:

    It can be tricky to find good quality seasonal fruit outside the summer months here, so I have just bought a second hand industrial freezer and a hundred or so sandias to feed my watermelon addiction through the winter 😀 Will just pop the frozen chunks in the vitamix 💜

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