How I Became Free From Diabetes Type 1!

The Start

9 years old. I was out on the countryside of Sweden when I noticed I was peeing unnaturally a lot. 16 times on one night indicated that something was wrong.In the car on our way home which was a 6 hour drive, my sister was going crazy when I asked every 10 minutes for a pee-stop. I think that drive was closer to 8 hours and for my sister…ages!

Once back home, I went to my grandmother who was diabetic and tested my glucose and sure enough, it was showing 24,1 mmol/L.With that fact in hand, we went to the bigger city Örebro, 1 hour from my hometown and I had a week in the hospital before going back home with a whole new life to adjust to.

Two strange years

At the beginning my body was not acting fully as a diabetic. I didn’t have to take a lot of insulin and sometimes I didn’t even take shots. It was like I had a very light version of diabetes.

The doctors had no clue to why I was still producing insulin (that was the only conclusion they could make to why I needed so little insulin).You should have seen their faces every time I went for my check and they asked me how much insulin I was taking!

I had a hard time avoiding candy and gradually, I started to become more dependent of insulin.

Fake Diabetes

I went to different kinds of healers like a Qi Gong master from China, Kinesiolog, Acupuncturist, Massage therapist. I ate or drank a lot of different stuff (like bitter cucumber) that really helped me the first years.They all told me I had a “Fake diabetes” or something close to that statement.That it could be cured and that it had something to do with the stomach and the kidneys.

Unhealthy teenager

So it has always revolved around the food but we did not understand then. We went on and the struggled continued with being a teenager and alcohol came into the picture at age of 15.

I ate a lot of hot dogs, macaroni, pizza and a lot of sweet stuff. As you can understand my blood glucose level was like a roller coaster and my HbA1c was a disaster for almost 2 years straight! With the partying and bad food I had to fight hard to get everything in place and it did not work good at all.

The turning point

One day in April of 2008, I received a phone call from my mother. She and my father separated when I was around 3 years old because of his alcohol problems. But they have always been good friends and I am very thankful for that. Now, she called me, telling me that my father called her recently and said he had enough.

He had been struggling with this in almost 20 years but in the last years it became worse and it was a tough time for me to share a small apartment with him. The reason for this was because I got so much closer to my school.

But after hearing that he had finally realized his problem, I felt tears down my cheeks at that beach when the sun was going down that spring evening. I sat on a rock for a long time, staring and thinking of what I just heard.

All the fights and anger with my father and our family was now gone. I was so inspired that I said to myself: If he can do it after 20 years, I can do it after 2!

Thanks to my father, I am today a healthy man with a better life that I could ever imagine! Out of something bad, grows something good.

But not to forget my mother who constantly found new ways in terms of healing, food and exercises to improve me. And if it wasn’t for her constant fight to help me, I would not have been this wise to realize what I needed to do.

When I look back, I see that I could have been free much earlier. I was given great help in very different ways but since I contradicted this with wrong food, it didn’t show the results I wanted.

Food is your fuel

Two months earlier, in February of 2008 I made the choice to become a vegetarian. I saw horrible documentaries about how the animals are being treated. I do not say that eating meat is wrong. We all have our choices to make and you do what feels best for you.

I did choose the vegetarian food because of three reasons:

1.I did not wish to be a part of the slaughter of animals for making money and therefore not putting healthy meat as a priority.

2.The meat industry stands for around 17% of the worlds toxic gases that is being produced.

3.But the biggest reason that I realize more and more everyday, is that it forces me to be healthy. To be creative and find what my body needs in better ways.

Although, I kept eating the wrong things even if vegetables were better than meat (for my acid stomach).

Alternative food lifestyles

After school, the summer of 2009 I began to try out raw food. It means that you do not heat anything up and it is really good for you.But for me, it had too much carbohydrates even though my sugar was much better.The reason to why, although the carbohydrates will be explained later.

This was the flame that became a fire. I began to research and explore more foods and tried to learn and understand what it was all about.

Then I stumbled upon the low carb high fat diet. I think I got this from my sister who used it to lose the stomach from being pregnant. She did not want to lose weight, just become very fit. And oh, if she did!

I started to read about it and I saw that it was good for diabetics since fat has a very long and slow process to become blood sugar, while carbohydrates transforms very quick! Finally, I found a way to eat to help my glucose level and have an easier time with my diabetes!

Frequency healing

The results were very good and also my constantly worried stomach became happy and stable which helped me a lot in my everyday life.

Then, I got a job at a TV company in Stockholm and moved there for six weeks and it was hard to keep the diet with all the sweet free stuff they offered and the sandwiches and yogurt to breakfast.

After 3 or 4 weeks I went to a frequency healer that my mother had heard about. That was a very transforming meeting to say the least. A frequency healer is using a machine, created by a man from NASA(National American Space Association), that they are plugging in to their computer.

This machine is plugged to some rubber bands who you place around your wrists, ankles and forehead. Then, the machine calculates the frequencies you are sending out. This is scientifically proven to be true. The body sends out frequencies all the time and this machine can then scan them and see what frequencies are in tune and which are not.

I never had Diabetes?!

What we got out from that session was that I do not have diabetes. Keep in mind that I did not tell her anything about my condition or health before being given these results.

I had an infection in my pancreas and that is why I was not in need of insulin the first years. My pancreas was still working but fighting an infection and slowly became weaker and weaker. What she told me was that my stomach was the problem. It could not pick up all the necessary vitamins and minerals in order for my body to work.

Why couldn’t my stomach pick this up? Because it was too acid! It had to work against the acids instead of taking care of all the good stuff that came in to my body.

So, I got a medicine which was just different, perfectly normal herbs and plants mixed in to a liquid drink medicine.

I only had to use it until it was empty to boost the healing process. No need to drink it the rest of you life! Then she gave me tips and good websites that would show me how to eat and why and she answered all my questions with great knowledge!

I started to do this and just after a month I returned to see how my frequencies were doing and the results were amazing! All the lows or highs I had in different areas were stable and the infection was gone!

She said that it will take just as many months to recover totally as years I had this infection, which was 11 years. So after 11 months I would be fully recovered if I kept myself healthy and balanced of course.

This is the reason to why you see me talking about two diets. I am talking out from own experience and my experience is these two and they both helped me. I think a healthy mix of these two can really make a diabetics life easy and tasteful at the same time. Almost everyone in our society today is way too acid!

Now, It has been 6 months since I was at the frequency healer and I’ve been traveling central america for 4 months.

The same thing happened when I arrived at Costa Rica as a volunteer. The family gave us a lot of food with carbohydrates and we had already paid for it in advance. So I had to take it for what it was and eat and as you probably know, my glucose level went crazy again.

Now, I’ve been traveling on my own and I make my own food, I’m exercising and I now have more freedom than ever! I hope this story has inspired you and I hope my words will help your life as it has helped mine after all these years.

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