How a Raw Vegan survived the hurricane

No power, no problem. As a healthy minded, raw food vegan, I normally don’t cook my food, sleep with air conditioner, or watch television. When the hurricane hit, the lights went out, we had no power but I had all I needed to stay healthy.

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8 replies
  1. Gavriella Micha'ela
    Gavriella Micha'ela says:

    My mom feeded my brother only with bananas , because he wouldn't take anything else, oh yes, you can survive on banana only. He did. Bananas have it all what you need nutrition wise. yes HalleluYah no tv ,,it is a manipulation box , and steals your life and the life of a family ; people only get more and more rectangle faces. No kidding, Out with the monster , get your life back and your time. I threw mine in the garbage 15 years ago.

  2. Karen Behymer
    Karen Behymer says:

    Wondered how you did with the hurricane going through Florida. Here in Georgia (Atlanta area). The TV told us we were going to "get it", they even interviewed an official who "reassured" everyone that they had refrigerated trucks that would carry medical personell, to identify and transport any deceased victims! The TV brought that frightening message to us. That's crazy! All we got was a gentle rain and slight gusty winds. You are so right. Get rid of the tv! Also after having blood pressure issues, heart murmur, shortness of breath, an enlarged heart chamber…..Very scary. I radically changed my diet. NO meat, grease, eggs, sugar, or processed foods and only drank water with a squirt of lemon in it. Guess what. After only one month, I was tested, scanned, weighed, and another blood scan done: The cardiologist found NOTHING wrong with me. Fresh fruits and veggies! Thanks be to Yah!

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