Herpes and Raw Foods

People with herpes need lots of “raw living” plant based foods. When this video was made I only intended for people to consume raw dairy for the first 30 days. After 30 days ALL dairy, eggs, ect. need to be cut out of a person diet. Please watch my newer videos on foods by “clicking on my channel.” Thanks!

Please follow “all” information at your own risk, You must consult your licensed physician before starting or changing any new diet or foods.
WE ARE NOT MEDICAL DOCTORS: therefore, we do not diagnose illness or prescribe pharmaceuticals. None of the information offered here is intended to replace any program that your medical doctor has prescribed for you, nor does it conflict with any pharmaceutical medication you are taking.

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43 replies
  1. William Carrey
    William Carrey says:

    While I agree with your video that refined processed foods are no good, you advocate that people with herpes consume oats, that is the worst idea that I've ever heard for those with herpes, oats are a grain and all grains promote and encourage the release of the virus and the worsening of an active infection. The best way to be herpes free is NO seeds, nuts, grains, or stress, and you should be okay.

  2. Kassie ortiz
    Kassie ortiz says:

    As for protein, can i have peanut butter(If no then what else )?? And how should i season my shrimp since i'm Dominican and we like to put a lot of different ingredients in our food. Also as for the juicing, i'm  suppose to juice for every meal? breakfast, lunch, dinner. And is it okay to juice the carrots since they are a hard vegetable to put in a blender? Please reply, i really want to do it, but i want to do it right. 

  3. Blue90X
    Blue90X says:

    HI +James Destroy Diseases. . was wondering is having genital herpes get worse with time . I have outbreaks that come and go and don't take anything for the outbreaks. My new diet consist of seafood like shrimp, Cod, lobster, Salmon and as for my greens it consists of= kale, bok choy , spinach, green onions, cilantro, tomatoes, parsley, celery,carrots, broccoli, wheat grass, arugula, mint, lemon lime,dandelions .. is this the right track oh also can I incorporate sea salt or is it prohibited for this diet ? Thanks for your time …

  4. worldbassify
    worldbassify says:

    can i eat organic food, can i smoke pot with a vaporizer? can i eat organic hot chocolate, organic chocolate and im talking like 100% organic? as long as im keeping it to a limit, and knowing these things have alot of antioxidants and health benefits. 

  5. sawyer gh
    sawyer gh says:

    james what about regular use of sauna? i was reading somewhere that its heat can kill the viruses and bacteria since it resembles an artificial fever.can this be reliable for HSV also? its good for detoxifying though

  6. Ariel Sanchesespinosa
    Ariel Sanchesespinosa says:

    Dr. James, good morning! I am writing you to ask you about the procedures and use of the oregano oil. My girlfriend bought it and its contain 30% carvacrol. Is this the right oregano oil that she needs? She would like to get rid of HSV2. I believe in your advises, so what is the ,"step by step" follow up and what to do in order to get rid of this illness. Myself I would die to see her get rid of it. She had only one outbreak and nothing else after that. Also, she doesn't take medicine. I hope you take some time and write us back. God Bless You 🙂 

  7. Melly B
    Melly B says:

    Hi all, I was diagnosed via blood test with HSV-2 one week ago today. I made a drastic life still change within that time. I changed my easting patterns and has just received my Oregano oil. I too date have not had a break out; although I am not even sure what a break out consist of other than blisters. I am a little impatient and I went to my local food store and bought a bottle of Oregano from there and have been using it until this bottle from New Age came in. I can say that there is a difference in the oils the one I got from the grocery store did tingle and did burn in the area I applied it (spine) but the New Age oil I used the oil last night for the first time burned and tingled but then it did something else, its kinda hard to put in words but I felt things happening all over my body and my body got warm. I will try to keep notes of what occurs.

  8. Alfred Lopez
    Alfred Lopez says:

    Hey i eat baby food but i olny eat the organic pouches the are from gerbers,ellas kichten,baby tots,plum,earths best,sprouts,. But it comes with veggies,greens,yougurt,oatmeal,is that bad ? How ever i dont eat meat thoe my diet is pretty much ,cearal,dried up trail mix organic milk,kids organic red teas,organic cocnut water, i also drink thos orgainc shakes with all the vitamins, rom fresh n easy, i also eat veggies in a bag but they are frozen but i boil them now that u said that that is bad im goona start blending my stuff ,n the whole fruits i no u said bannas are bad dam i love bannas i eat it with my cearal all i have to say is thank you soo much for the information i also am going to school to become a diet tition and is taking orgainc vitamins good for a person im thinking of taking them how ever i have hiv n i cant eat grapefruit it messes with the hive medication that i am taking i do have herpies thoe i need to no where can i find 

  9. Alfred Lopez
    Alfred Lopez says:

    Oregino oil n coconut seed oils at what stores but at of right now im on valtrex dam i do goota say this thoe i love rice,its my favorite lol owell i guess i gotta stop eating it and pastas as well i need to start your tratment im goona give it a year 

  10. David Moore
    David Moore says:

    OMg so I cant eat no meat basically?! and I just bought some honey yogurt but I seen you say that honey feeds parasites so do you have a guide that has the exact guide of food I should eat?? No salad dressing either! so basically eat greens raw and with no additives? What I really want to know is what kind of meat can I eat?

  11. Pamela Smith
    Pamela Smith says:

    Hello James and thank you for making these video. My question is…How long do you have to eat vegetables, fruits and take Oregano oil before you get tested again? I've already started eating vegetables and fruits and eating wild caught salmon (frozen), because fresh wild caught salmon is hard to find (only farm raised). So we should only eat organic vegetables and fruits? I'd found the Fiji in Walmart. I will be getting my oil this week.. My outbreaks are mainly in my mouth any suggestions for that? Thank you in advance!

  12. brenda hunt
    brenda hunt says:

    @jamesdestroydisease you said.not to buy produce from walmart so what if i stay in a small city with just an alberston, walmart, kroger, and market basket theres no whole food markets i want to go on a plant base diet but how so if theres no local farmer or whole food market? Is there any way to clean store bought produce and get rid of herpes following your guide?????

  13. Nance Hernandez
    Nance Hernandez says:

    I did what this guy said to do for 7 months. I had a few outbreaks during the process. I wanted to give up but emailed James for some support. I took the time to watch his other videos and it all made a lot more sense. This past week I tested negative for Herpes after testing positive for 10 years! I am living proof that this works and herpes is curable with pure oregano oil and a raw living diet. I really appreciate all you do James! Sadly there is not many like you.

  14. Miranda Hobes
    Miranda Hobes says:

    This works! The entire body has the ability to rebuild cells and the entire body can repair itself. People loose cells daily and get disease from poor diet. Everyone I talk to thinks they eat healthy with Dead Food! I got rid of herpes and did this with raw living foods, some herbs and a lots of Antioxidants from foods.

    I now can see that majority of people are just little sheep running around thinking they are so smart. People are killing themselves with fake food and blame it on science that a disease is incurable. People believe anything they hear from T.V. or their useless doctors, who are fantastic dealers of legal narcotics, synthetic waste and cutting people open. The human race is now becoming a low life form. However, there are people going raw and doing it right. There just are not many. Herpes is just another disease. I cannot believe some people think think the human body is stupid and nature is a scam. Keep eating your bread, pasta, meats, rice, wheat ect… The less people we have in this world, the more organic food for the rest of us! Trust me I use to be a sheep too, but now I am just a healthy person that understands.

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