Health Benefits of a Raw Food Diet

There are many benefits associated with a raw foods diet. The raw foods diet is a vegetarian diet that centers on uncooked organic produce, seeds, nuts and drinking plenty of water. The diet promotes weight loss and body detoxification.

The fruits, vegetables and juices in a raw food diet have not been heated above 116 degrees and their fiber and nutrients have not been destroyed by heat. They provide more fiber and more energy than cooked foods. The health benefits of a raw food diet include healthier skin, weight loss, better digestion, and reduced risk of serious illness.

Eating this diet can reduce cholesterol, can reduce your risk of heart disease and can cut cancer risk. The diet is low in saturated fat, sodium and cholesterol. It is high in potassium, magnesium, fiber and folate (a B vitamin).

The raw foods diet is a great way to detoxify the body. It contains no chemicals or toxins and will help cleanse the colon, kidneys and detoxify the liver. It will also help break your dependence on processed carbohydrates and balance blood sugar.

The many benefits of eating raw food are reduced risk for disease and weigh loss. You can get more energy and have better digestion. You will cut your heart disease and cancer risks while feeling more alive and energetic. You will lose weight and have an easier time exercising. You can eliminate the bloating caused by excess sodium and chemicals in processed food. Your body will be cleansed and detoxified.

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