Healing Acne & Scars On A Raw Food Diet – My Story | 40BelowFruity

I had cystic acne for nearly 10 years and was on medication for 7 of those years, I healed acne & scars with a raw food diet.I’m sharing my story and tips to heal your acne and scars!

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24 replies
  1. Tami Torossian
    Tami Torossian says:

    Acne is always my biggest insecurity. I am to a point where I no longer wear makeup and if I get a red spot I learn to embrace it and love my skin no matter what. I feel I have come a long way on this mental battle. Your skin looks amazing btw! :)

  2. Tarah McConnaughey
    Tarah McConnaughey says:

    Omg, freelee recommended you in one of her vids and I wanted to check you out because we have the same name… But your vid is so relatable I had acne for three years and I coudn't leave the house without makeup on until I became vegan and stopped wearing makeup????

  3. Briana Reeves
    Briana Reeves says:

    I also struggled with acne since the age of 13 or 14. Now that I've been vegan for over a year now it's 10x better but I still get a few pimples around my cycle. Also, I noticed that oil flares it up as well as caffeine (coffee, chocolate, tea) so I've since cut those things out of my diet.

  4. delias29
    delias29 says:

    Thanks tarah! My acne journey is so much like yours. The amount of years, the medications we were on, the complexes we had, the kinds of learning curves we had to go on. Your story helped me to embrace the raw food lifestyle in order to heal. And I turned to your videos for support when it was the hardest. You're amazing. Sending you lots of love. X

  5. holisticmaya
    holisticmaya says:

    This has been the worst year for me, acne wise. I got an IUD before going to travel and my skin literally freaked out, I even have random zits on my shoulders and back. My whole face is covered especially around the hairline and forehead. I really regret getting the IUD and I really relate to your video… I seriously think about my acne every second of the day, constantly telling myself why am I so ugly and why is this happening to me… Wondering if people are only seeing the acne… It's really horrific. I've gone raw til 4 HCLF cut out oil salt and gluten since the end of December, it has helped, and last week I caved and tried some really oily and salty potatoes and it all came back again. It's a nightmare and now I also have like thirty acne scars… Thank you for your video Tara it gives me hope.

  6. Frivolous Girl
    Frivolous Girl says:

    90% of my scarring is not from me picking but from actually not picking, the cyst would eventually grow and burst on its own 🙁
    I'm right now going through a few sessions of TCA peel and Dermastamp to reduce the scarring.
    I'm wondering how far I can get, do you ever get a occasional tiny pimple, or are you all clear nowadays except for when you eat something bad?

    Going foundation-free and only using oils, clean and gentle products has for sure helped a lot! I have a similar story to yours, where my acne would not get better on a raw food diet, but actually after a year get worse. How I eventually healed it was through probiotics (I suspect some candida too), because I was taking tetracycline/antibiotics and accutane to cure my acne (before I switched up my diet and all) but after every cure it just got worse. And get this, no doctor ever told me that I should be taking probiotics! I wish I'd known about it sooner, then it would've spared me a lot of scarring 🙁
    But at least my acne lead me to a healthier and more conscious lifestyle :)

  7. Courtney McFarland
    Courtney McFarland says:

    Food (and drinks) affect my skin a ton! I can't believe how any dermatologists can deny this fact but many do. For me refined sugar, dairy, and alcohol are the main culprits. I haven't experimented with cutting out salt or oil yet but cutting out those 3 got rid of most of it, I get only tiny breakouts once in a while now. Still get a little when I have too much of natural sweeteners (maple syrup, honey, etc), and gluten or any processed foods also can be an issue but I tend not to eat those anyway. I bet caffeine is probably not great either but I quit coffee years ago so can't quite remember. Diet definitely matters and it's different foods for different people.

  8. Courtney McFarland
    Courtney McFarland says:

    Also I know most people dealing with acne already know this but washing sheets and especially pillow cases is very important too. My husband has none of the food sensitivities I have so he can eat almost anything and still have no acne but when I forget to wash the sheets for too long he will get a few big angry pimples. Weekly at least is a good idea- and of course use fragrance & dye free natural detergent (and NO fabric softener).

  9. Autumn L.
    Autumn L. says:

    You are simply glowing! ?

    I saw a tip from Megan Elizabeth for natural blush. Take a frozen raspberry and let it thaw. Use the juice as blush. It's beautiful and even sparkly! lol I've also heard that jojoba oil is the closest composition to human skin. ?

  10. Michele Sparrow
    Michele Sparrow says:

    How wonderful that your acne is gone. It is such a debilitating thing to have. My experience is similar to yours. I had kidney disease when I was very young and took prednisone for years because of it (also not knowing anything better). I developed severe acne as a young teenager and also took antibiotics (many kinds) for years and they never made it go away completely. I used harmful and irritating skin cleansers and prescribed facial creams, etc. as well. I went raw in January of 2010 and my skin suddenly cleared up. For some reason, I didn't scar on my face at all, but my acne was also not cystic, so when I stopped breaking out, that was it. It really was all about the diet. I wish I had known then what I know now and so many young girls and boys struggle with this. Great video and I hope it helps many!

  11. Erryl Mendenhall
    Erryl Mendenhall says:

    I am not fully raw, but I am a vegan. Oh, I hate winters, too. I enjoy your videos, because you have a great, positive attitude on life… not because I choose to live and eat exactly like you do. Keep up the good work and say hi to Pepsi for me.

  12. leccah
    leccah says:

    Most acne is hormonal. Not from not washing your face… (which every asshole seems to be hung up on) And hormones are directly related to what you put in your body. Makes complete sense. The worst thing about acne is that HURTS. It wouldn't be as bad if it didn't hurt so much, but they can be so bad. I was lucky. The contraceptive pill helped my skin heaps, but RUINED everything else about my body. Also your freckles are so freakin cute. I wish I still had mine.

  13. Alvina Rio
    Alvina Rio says:

    I can't stop buying this product. It has done wonders for my blemishes. I used to have them all over my jaw line, forehead, cheeks and now I get a few with hormonal changes around the time of the month. Does the trick with pimples while not drying you out. My skin has actually gotten less oily. Love this Argan LifeUltra Nourishing Argan Oil.

  14. Odette J
    Odette J says:

    Hi Tara! I remember a while back when you were trying different things like avoiding nightshades and keeping your fat really low…I'm curious, what was the turning point for you? Is there anything that helped you leave acne behind? I have been vegan for 2years and raw for 3 months. I get that I probably just need to be more patient, but I would enjoy raw so much more if I could get away with eating more overts :)

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