Gluten cost free diet

MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) – Yep, black beans and brownies are on the menu for this wishful successful diet. Acclaimed but not proven, it is an attempt to help with the cure of Celiac disease and healthier skin. Included in the gluten-free diet is the keeping of the ‘oh so sweet’ items while replacing the accused suspect, a protein called wheat.

“I have been on the diet now for seven weeks and my skin has never felt so smooth,” said health educator, coach, and culinary adventurer, Rachel Sabin.

The key to the gluten cost-free plan seems to be keeping it the same style of saving you would normally do. Focus on the raw materials and starting from there.

“For anyone wanting to try the gluten-free diet, it can be more expensive if you don’t get creative and try to shop around like with this black bean recipe. It is super affordable,” said Sabin.

So the key to avoiding those high grocery list costs seems to be about determining how much ‘scratch’ you are made of. Sticking to the basics to make brownies is going back to the basics using raw material that make some local food advocates very happy. This includes where to find the items and what grocery stores and restaurants are recommended.

“It really depends on what reasons and results you want to achieve. If they say they are going gluten-free and they still decided to eat the frozen items in the plastic wrapper, they aren’t going to see the same results as the ones who are truly gluten-free and weather they are cooking from home or not,” explained Sarah Monte of Marquette Food Co-op.

“It is not really a cost mark up. We don’t really see any offset cost, except for the frozen gluten free bread, sure, but it is never of interest or worth it to offset the cost. That is one thing we just absorb and it kind of just washes out,” said Café Bodega owner Libby Nelson.

While the results aren’t really being debated, it is clear that the local businesses and community are in fact incorporating the products of the diet so they can cater to the consumers doing so both in and out of the home.

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