German Shepherd Raw Diet For Ranger (VLOG #3)

This video is about German Shepherd Raw Diet For Ranger (VLOG #3)First of all i am not a dog nutritionist .. do your own research if you are intersted in this way of feeding .. i still feed kibble iam not against kibble i do believe there is some good high quality kibble. I’m not here to make you feed this way i am just sharing what i feed Ranger . Keep on doing what works for you. Ihave been feeding this way for 7 years I’ve talked to people that have been feeding this wayfor 15 years and i know people that has been feeding this way for 20 years. thanks for watching like share and subscribe. Videos of my German Shepherd Ranger as he’s been growing up……. Meet Ranger : Ranger 12 weeks old: Ranger 16 weeks old: Ranger 20 weeks old: 1st508Airborne Channel: GE Out!

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23 replies
  1. truth freeze
    truth freeze says:

    My shep was at deaths door at 7 yrs old,I frantically searched y/t for ideas N found commercial food may be the main culprit.I have switched to raw real food N he is 10 now. Only problem I find w/ the 10 -15 % bone is a grinder wont handle that job (the 15 % organ meat and meat it can easily) and I keep forgetting to see if egg shell or bone meal can substitute.(I buy the raw from a meat store) They get enzymes and complete from this diet ( vs heated crap from most commercial)

  2. Christina Beauchamp
    Christina Beauchamp says:

    RAW is best! Makes a healthy dog and they poop less! Do you add green tripe? It adds helpful enzymes into their digestive tract. When I fed my dogs raw I also gave them carrots, peas, salmon oil, liver, Alfalfa/kelp mix for more vitamins and minerals. Raw should NEVER be controversial. It's natural. Ear infections go away, dull hair is suddenly shiny, yes, it helps. I, too, am a German shepherd owner. 🙂
    Gorgeous long coat. :)

  3. m1shadow
    m1shadow says:

    Awesome! I feed my female GSD RAW.. her meat consist of chicken, gizzards, hearts, and liver… for her veggie mix i do cook those because dogs have trouble digesting raw veggies. Ranger is looking good!

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