Kris Taylor is a San Diego based dog trainer, he also breeds German Shepherd dogs. In his fifteen years of breeding and training GSD he believes that raw food diet, gives his dogs vitality and longevity.

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25 replies
  1. Sean Flynn
    Sean Flynn says:

    Nice video, I've been thinking for a while now about putting my dog on a raw diet and I think I'll do it, how would I start the raw diet? I have done research but one website said one thing and other website said another

  2. Austin G
    Austin G says:

    I came across a video in my recommended vids on Youtube last week called the Majorca Mastiff.. I watched it and later that day I looked it up on Wikepidea and other resources.. has anyone else heard of it or know much about it?

  3. wuerzelburg
    wuerzelburg says:

    Maybe (just may be) raw is better than kibbles. But isn't there a great danger from parasitic diseases, like toxoplasmosis, and the spread of dangerous bacteria like e coli from their stools , mouth and tongues while touching everything in a home?
    There are kibbles and kibbles in the market. They shouldn't be vilified altogether. The referred life spans of dogs which are way bigger than nature, are based on a artificial diet (kibbles or other). If kibbles where so bad, people would have stopped feeding them to serious working and show dogs. No-one would feed bad food to an expensive show dog, or military dog etc.

  4. DWC
    DWC says:

    All dogs should be on a raw diet. That’s why plenty of dogs have issues with food now because humans have changed their diet too much. It’s dumb. Raw food is always better for them

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