FullyRaw Kristina is Getting “FAT” On a Raw Vegan Diet!?

FullyRawKristina Weight Gain “GETTING FAT” On A Raw Vegan Diet! – Kristina just released a video addressing her recent weight gain on a raw vegan lifestyle…

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30 replies
  1. Ray Bird
    Ray Bird says:

    You guys are ass holes and are just trying to gain some publicity from her. Even if she gain a tone from the nuts she eats at least she is having healthy indulgent rather then fast food and the shit most people eat or the rice and potatoes that you suggested.  I thought that rice and potatoes are full of unhealthy starches and this is what you recommend to her nuts….please!!

  2. Anne Toni
    Anne Toni says:

    I agree with you guys… Kristina, don't feel pressured to explain/ reason/ justify your weight gain. Body is a living thing and changes are bound to happen, it is natural and human. We are able to relate to you better because of these changes…. You are gorgeous the way you are and very inspiring.

  3. farmerb22
    farmerb22 says:

    That bitch is a damn liar. Lost all credibility when she said she ran 6 to 12 miles a day. No one looks that puffy doing that much cardio! Impossible unless you just started running and you absolutely would not run that far if you did. I hate liars and you should be ashamed of yourselves for helping her lie to everyone???

  4. Nicole LeRoy
    Nicole LeRoy says:

    Wow you guys are awful. This is the kind of trash that leads young women to hate their bodies. Fuck off with the video-dissecting judgement. She's healthy and by no means over weight. The image you showed of her looking "youthfully thin" is painfully thin. It is unlikely a woman of that weight would menstrate properly or be fertile. You're both derpy misogynists, poorly misinformed about what it means to be truly healthy.

  5. Juana Val
    Juana Val says:

    my dear just see this, i found a problem, that you never mention en your videos that to be a vegan means to be skinny , for many people is important to mention it, vegan equals healthy person raw vegan is equal super healthy persons, the time pass buy and we grow a a humans over this beautiful earth, than k you for your recommendations..

  6. Jannine Murray
    Jannine Murray says:

    Seriously cant compare men physiques to women it just isn't the same, womens hormone profiles are much more complex and so is their weight loss, plus running every day with lack of sleep drastically raises cortisol, the stress hormone, and will pack on the lbs esp belly fat. A stressed out body stays catabolic and will not be able to lose weight or get lean and will also affect the thyroid and lowers fat burning thermogenesis and resting metabolic rate.

  7. T Stefanek
    T Stefanek says:

    You guys seem very smart and looks like you have a following , but I will tell you that only reason I watched your video was Kristina in it ,
    why do you guys even feel any need to focus on her in a video , try focusing on yourselves? Your title is deceiving, and you loos like you are trying to suggest she has some dark hidden secret , NOT COOL !

  8. I W
    I W says:

    Women often get a to high metabolism due to hormone changes. You need to
    see someone who is educated in that and get a personal training plan,
    because you need to train differently to "drain" the water than to make

  9. A Healthy Alternative
    A Healthy Alternative says:

    Light twins I really enjoyed the vid and the honestly. I have to say I find it extremely hard to believe that she gained that much weight from eating raw fruits and veggies. I don't care about her weight gain honestly but if the stress from her companies and everything shes doing is making her gain that much weight then it might be time to reevaluate her life style but Im also thinking she could be eating some foods that aren't raw vegan and bc it would hurt her brand so much she not being upfront

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