Food Inspections: 7/27 – 8/21

These summaries of the Dubois County Health Department’s inspection reports are made public after the restaurants and food stores have had 10 days to respond. Reinspections are at the inspector’s discretion. Violations are corrected on the day of the inspection unless otherwise noted. If you have questions, contact the health department at 812-481-7055.

These reports are from July 27 through Aug. 21.


Arnie’s Tavern, 4469 S. Ohio St., St. Anthony, 1 noncritical violation: observed cardboard being used to cover the floor in the basement.

Brick Oven Pizza, 420 E. Sixth St., Huntingburg, 1 noncritical violation: observed moisture leaking from pizza topping table as well as moisture leaking from the walk-in fridge and freezer.

Chicken Place, LLC, 4970 W. State Road 56, Jasper, three noncritical violations: food items (potatoes and chicken) in buckets stored directly on floor, growth of mold on beer cooler in bar area, accumulation of grease under fryer area in kitchen.

China’s Best, 3669 N. Newton St., Jasper, eight critical violations, employee drinks without lids found in food prep area, raw meats stored above and next to ready to eat food in walk-in cooler, food stored directly on floor (onions, lettuce, raw meat) and food observed uncovered in walk-in cooler and freezer, hot and cold holding temperatures found in temperature danger zone, Coca-Cola fridge in kitchen only reaching 49 degrees, multiple PHF items found without dates in walk-in, tongs found laying directly in raw chicken and pipes under dishwasher leaking excessively; five noncritical violations, food did not have labels in walk-in cooler, could not be easily identified, multiple broken tiles found in kitchen/food prep area, grease/dirt accumulation on floors and walls of food prep area, back door not providing protection from outer openings, excessive standing water in bottom of table top cooler causing water contamination.

Denny’s #377, 3850 Newton St., Jasper, two noncritical violations: buildup of food debris still observed on food and nonfood contact surfaces in kitchen (however, less severe than inspection on Aug. 11), dishes observed to still be wet while on dry dish rack, failing to completely air dry after sanitization. Critical violations were noted to have been corrected from Aug. 11 inspection; follow-up inspections still necessary.

El Tapatio Mexican Restaurant, 101 Place Road, Jasper, one critical violation: three-door fridge topping table not working properly (product temping at 55 degrees — items were discarded); one noncritical violation, vents soiled with dirt debris and not in good repair.

Fazoli’s, 703 Third Ave., Jasper, four critical violations: person in charge has no record of manager serve safe completion available, three-compartment sink was not being utilized the right way as well as the sanitizer solution was being diluted with water over 85 degrees (therefore, rendering the sanitizer ineffective and giving a 0ppm reading when tested twice), observed dirt, debris and food build up in booster oven, topping tables, upright fridge and freezers as well as walk in fridge and freezer, noticed concentration of dirt and food build up throughout the floor of the facility; one noncritical violation, noticed wall by back door and tiles in that area and in the walk-in fridge falling apart

Fehribach Stop Inn Inc., 314 13th St., Huntingburg, one critical violation: noticed dirt and debris build up in kitchen area on the floors and storage units, also severe grease build up on flat top exhaust hood and in grease catcher below; one noncritical violation, observed both reach-in beer coolers having some dirt on the bottom of coolers as well as along the seal of the doors.

Fleig’s Cafe, 905 Main St., Ferdinand, two critical violations: raw meat observed to be uncovered in walk-in cooler, ready-to-eat foods not date marked in stand-up cooler next to the coffee maker; two noncritical violations, grease accumulation on vent hoods and walls behind fryers, dust and food accumulation underneath counters in bar area, mold accumulation on ice maker.

Holiday Inn Express, 2000 Hospitality Drive, Jasper, one noncritical violation: observed some buildup in microwave in the back cooking area (recommend storing open muffins in some type of container with a lid).

Mac-a-Doo’s and-or Out of Bounds, 1163 Wernsing Road, Jasper, one critical violation: observed long-term buildup of dirt, grease and food debris throughout kitchen area; one noncritical violation, observed some dirt and moisture buildup in two-door sliding fridge in kitchen ice machine in bin and reach-in beer coolers.

Mi Jalisco, 239 Baden Strasse, Jasper, one critical violation: observed employee eating in food prep area.

New Super Buffet, 3920 Newton St., Jasper, two critical violations: multiple PH items throughout freezers and coolers were observed without dates, food items were observed to be without lids throughout establishment; two noncritical violations, food items observed without labels in coolers and freezers, scoops observed laying in food items without handles.

Rally’s, 367 U.S. 231 S., Jasper, three critical violations: noticed improvements in kitchen area but still observing heavy dirt, food and grease buildup, observed sliced cheese and tomato on burger building station over 41 degrees (talked about a possible way to keep temps down; manager made the adjustments and will monitor the temps), observed sanitizer buckets being stored in hand washing sink and no paper towels at the station; one noncritical violation, noticed traps not being used properly.

Ticklebelly Hill LLC (Fueled Strength Meals), 2690 S. St. Anthony Road W., Huntingburg, no violations.

Tres Agaves Mexican Grill, 1935 Main St., Ferdinand, onions stored directly on floor.

Smalley Coffee, 2955 Newton St., Jasper, one noncritical violation, hand wash sink not equipped with disposable towels, use of common towel to dry hands is prohibited.

Soup-N-Such Bistro, 1150 Main St., Ferdinand, okay to operate.

The Great Wall, 272 Brucke Strasse, Jasper, 14 critical violations: live cockroaches observed on walls and floor in cooking area, food became contaminated by food employee by contaminated hands, food employees observed not washing hands when necessary (touching face, phone, hair, moving between tasks, dirty to clean dishes), no gloves available in establishment allowing for food employees to contaminate food, raw food observed being stored next to RTE food in rectangle cooler near walk-in, multiple potentially hazardous foods found without date marking, food items observed without lids in multiple refrigeration units allowing for contamination, hand wash sink not properly equipped with paper towels (water only reached 79 degrees F.), establishment did not have sanitizer to properly sanitize food contact surfaces, food contact and nonfood contact surfaces were not clean to site and touch (vent hoods, cooking equipment, storage racks) contained grease, soil and dust accumulation, equipment food contact surfaces and utensils were not being cleaned each time there was a change from working with raw food to ready-to-eat foods at any time during the operation when contamination may have occurred, waste water being disposed of in an unapproved manner (dumping outside), employee observed with a drink in food prep area, significant contamination occurring through mold (beer bottles) unapproved storage sources (cans), food debris on dish drying station of three-compartment sink; 17 nonviolations, outside door in back was not self closing and had multiple gaps allowing for pests to enter, hot water in women’s bathroom only reached 77 degrees F., multiple full traps of dead pests observed throughout establishment, single service items (napkins) stored on floor under buffet table, single use article (cans) being used to store food items (ready to eat), protective barriers (ceilings and doors) allow for entry of pests/rodents not in good repair, food items observed throughout establishment without labels of common name, mold observed growing on surfaces such as bottles, vents and racks, establishment not equipped with service sink, person in charge not ensuring food establishment duties are conducted correctly according to code, multiple cooling units operating without a temperature measuring device, cavity of microwave soiled with food debris, three-compartment sink observed being used improperly (thawing of food, not clean and maintained), vent hoods soiled with food and grease, walk-in freezer did not contain light shield, broken tiles in kitchen allowing for standing water, light shield becoming loose and no longer serving purpose, multiple holes found in ceilings/walls, observed food being stored in refrigeration unit allowing for contamination via condensation. Establishment owner closed facility at 1:30 p.m. on date of inspection (Aug. 8). Establishment was visited again at 8:30 a.m. Aug. 9 (eminent health hazard was no longer present). Facility was observed to have responded to multiple violations noted on inspection report. Minimum requirements were observed to have been met allowing establishment to remain open. The management was required to provide an action plan including a pest control plan as well as status reports on all current violations. As of Aug. 21, the establishment had corrected all 14 critical violations as well as 17 noncritical violations from the earlier inspection. The restaurant is expected to continue to maintain the food safety and sanitation standards set by the Dubois County Health Department and will be on an unannounced inspection schedule of every three months.

Winfield West Bed and Breakfast, 325 W. Sixth St., Jasper, no violations.

Villa Pizzeria, 124 Third Ave., Jasper, all violations corrected from the July 24 inspection.


Circle A Food Mart #105, 1402 Newton St., Jasper, two noncritical violations: hot water in bathroom only reaching 82 degrees (needs to be at least 100 degrees), observed a full fly trap in kitchen area.

Circle A Food Mart #111, 1921 Lube Way, Jasper, one critical violation: hand washing sink in kitchen is only reaching 74 degrees and hot water in women’s bathroom only reaching 94 degrees (hand washing sinks should reach a minimum of 100 degrees); one noncritical violation, observed food and debris on the floor in kitchen area and walk-in.

Circle A Food Mart #115, 7136 U.S. 231, Jasper, no violations.

Circle S Mart #32, 301 S. Main St., Huntingburg, no violations.

Dollar General Store #2743, 671 Third Ave., Jasper, three noncritical violations: observed several different types of single use items being stored on floor, only noticed one temperature measuring device in the seven refrigeration units, utility sink area had equipment for proper air drying of mops but didn’t observe them being utilized.

Huck’s #339, 601 N. Main St., Huntingburg, four critical violations: lobby fridges and three-door fridge in back by soda station all observed to show signs of mold, observed major dirt, food and grease debris throughout the facility and also in exhaust hoods, noticed raw chicken being stored above ready-to-eat food (potatoes), single use items such as containers for RTE foods, cups, lids and straws should be stored 6 inches off the ground to avoid contamination; three noncritical violations, all types of beverage nozzles appear to be heavily soiled, observed potentially hazardous food that has been removed from its original package without a name or date, microwaves presenting heavy prolonged food and debris as well as the cooking equipment, fryers, ovens and warmers.

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