Fibromyalgia Cure – How I Cured Fibromyalgia! Nurse’s Secret!

If you’re suffering from painful chronic fibromyalgia let me say right off the bat that I cured myself of fibromyalgia using a diet I designed for myself, several years ago. I no longer suffer from it and many of its related conditions, Not only did I find my own fibromyalgia cure I got rid of it fast too.

Even with my medical background as a nurse I didn’t know much about fibromyalgia when I was diagnosed. The specialist – an arthritis doctor, who diagnosed me, treated it as a mysterious disease and told me that he just didn’t know what causes fibromyalgia and had no cure or treatment for it other than an old, tattered paperback book he handed to me explaining what it was but with no cure or solution.

It’s still true today that the medical experts don’t know what causes it but they have several theories, I won’t go into those, and research continues to look for a cure.

I would try to go for even a 20-minute walk and my calves would literally ache. In the morning I would stand in my kitchen and just ache all over and I could hardly move. The pain would also focus on one particular muscle and just ache deeply like crazy at the worst times or when I was driving long distances. At night I would wake up in pain for two hours in the middle of the night, every night, interfering with my much needed sleep.

I was like a zombie most of the time in the daytime because of the sleep deprivation, general and focused muscle pain and aching. Of course I also had the other signs and symptoms too – associated chronic fatigue, stiffness, an irritable bowel syndrome diagnosis, TMJ, depression, possible celiac disease and migraine-like headaches that can all go along with fibromyalgia.

Fibromyalgia medications, medicines and drugs did nothing to help and provided no pain relief. Nor did exercise. No one had the answers in fibromyalgia support groups and networks either.

I discovered my accidental natural fibromyalgia cure after I was diagnosed with breast cancer and refused all conventional treatment and went on my own vegan, living food or raw food diet. Of course my diet was intense but I was shocked that first month to discover that my fibromyalgia, and all its signs and symptoms, completely disappeared and has never returned!

Since then I spread the word as much as possible that fibromyalgia has to be diet-related. It’s no coincidence that my diet was responsible for curing me and getting rid of fibromyalgia for good. I still today after all these years. and still maintaining a raw food diet, no longer suffer from muscle aches and pains or any other fibromyalgia symptoms. Nor do I suffer from any of the other associated symptoms.

There is no question in my mind that fibromyalgia is related to our diet and the food we eat. The standard American diet is the diet that most fibromyalgia patients eat. I know because that is the answer to the first question I ask people with fibromyalgia. I used to eat it too. But the foods we eat and our diet have to be at the root of the problem.

So what foods cause fibromyalgia to flare up or what diet should you follow for fibromyalgia? A raw food diet or a diet of predominately uncooked plant foods is my answer. Possibly the avoidance of gluten since many celiacs have fibromyalgia. Highly processed cooked foods have little nutrients left. And there are some other foods you should eat or avoid too. Healthy, vegan foods that are not cooked are the best foods for us to eat and those with fibromyalgia symptoms may find this the best fibromyalgia cure and treatment and never suffer from any pain again. Think about it! I’m still in superior health today!

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