Feeling Terrible On The Raw Food Diet :(

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34 replies
  1. Anon L
    Anon L says:

    i love the new energy you are bringing. i feel like you have grown as a person and are more approachable. i find myself watching your videos more often again and liking more of your newer videos, and even though you were the initial reason why i gave up meat, and intially went vegan before i screwed that up and went back to cow puss (i'm sorry, i'm trying to get off milk again…) when i started my journey after the wake up call, i found more people who were passionate, but also aggressive and always challenging 'how vegan' a person is, and to be honest i got put off.
    there are vegans on facebook and even here on youtube who are really condemning to the point where i felt i'd never be good enough even though i was trying to change a whole mindset of things i was indoctrinated in…and even though you stand up for what you believe in… i'm glad you have toned it down a lot more and youre showing us your daily life. it's now coming across so natural and so friendly it makes me feel you are an example that i can really look up to, and it makes me want to start my vegan journey again.
    I can easily stick to being vegetarian but being vegan i have found a little difficult as vegan food is really simple, but vegan soaps/clothes/cosmetics (especially in my shade have proven expensive or hard to find in my country or unavailable and that also discouraged me)
    i'm just gonna try my best to make it stick this time

  2. ida brown
    ida brown says:

    i have a question!!! you look great btw <3

    – i dont get how people can keep up saying that I can eat everything I want on a vegan/raw diet – if I eat like 2500 kcal – fruit and veggies and only burn around 1800 – I'll gain weight? there is no such thing as calories that doesn't count? can you try to explain this in one of your videos? I recently turned vegan around 6 months ago, I feel better but I've gained around 8 pounds which I'm not happy with … hmmm

  3. Krystle Clark
    Krystle Clark says:

    I agree to a point, but in my opinion, the reason why people don't stay raw is because of primarily the social factor. Socialising over food is part of our Australian culture and it can be very very challenging to go out to a restaurant with friends or family if they aren't raw as well. As a cooked food vegan it's pretty easy but it's very limiting eating only raw. Additionally, warm food is very comforting, especially in cooler months.

  4. m
    m says:

    I'm 15 and want to go vegan, possibly fully raw but I'm just wondering where do you get your protein & fats from? I don't want to lose weight with this I want to stop eating animals but I haven't because I don't really know how to ?!?

  5. Queen Pebbles
    Queen Pebbles says:

    Being raw is so unnecessary. if it's harder to eat get calories in than while being cooked why do it? That was the problem wasn't it? Additionally it's harder to get all your nutrients while being raw and from an evolutionary perspective, we evolved from cooked foods. plus the social aspect it's terrible; you can't eat in most places and even if you can, it's not enough. There are absolutely no benefits that outweigh the consequences of fully raw. "Oh but but cooking adds carcinogens and depletes nutrients". Well if you're eating more food that solves the nutrient problem and the carcinogen argument is insignificant. But hey if you like leading a pain-in-the-ass life, by all means go ahead

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