Feeding RAW Food to My Blue Bay Shepherd – K9 Mukbang Poultry Episode

In this video I feed my Blue Bay Shepherd Kurgan and German Shepherd Lobo some RAW chicken leg quarters as q snack when we returned from our morning hike through the Mississippi River valley. My dogs will get more food later that will include some offal and fruit/veggies with it. If you want to see what that meal would like just look through my RAW food playlist below.

“I’m just some guy on YouTube.” I am not a “professional” dog trainer nor K9 nutritionist and I am not representing myself as one. I am here just showing what ‘I do’ and what ‘works for me’ as a long time Animal Warden, breeder and dog rescuer and I explain while doing it why I do it this way. 🙂

* Before asking me any feeding questions in the comments (OR ON INSTAGRAM) look through the several links I am providing below. 99.9% of any RAW feeding questions you have for me will be answered expertly in those links in more detail than I can provide in the video comments. 🙂

*To answer a question I know I will get in the comments:

* Yes, it’s OK to feed your dogs ‘RAW’ bones. It’s only cooked bone you should never feed your dogs – Cooking the bone makes it undigested, brittle and prone to causing obstruction of the g-track and a perforated bowel. Canines are meant to digest raw bones and have been doing it for millions of years. Don’t take my word for it though, I’m just some guy on YouTube… lol. Do your research. I’ll provide some links down below if you’d like to do that. I’ve been feeding this way for over 20 years with great results.

*Muk-bang or mukbang is an online broadcast in which a host eats large quantities of food, while interacting with their audience. Usually done through a webcast.

* I feed my dogs the B.A.R.F. Diet (Biologically Appropriate Raw Foods). Here are a couple of books on the B.A.R.F. diet I recommend by DVM Ian Billinghurst.

Give Your Dog A Bone

Grow Your Pups with Bones: The BARF Program For breeding Healthy Dogs And Eliminating Skeletal Disease

Here is a good online resource if you are looking to get started feeding your dog a raw diet…

RAW Food amount calculator – How much to feed

Vet Gives The Health Benefits of Raw Feeding for Dogs…

Watch video and check out article linked below on the dangers of commercial pet foods and myths about feeding raw…

Some other RAW feeding videos I recommend below…

Is It Expensive To Feed Your Dog RAW Foods?

Does RAW food make dogs aggressive?

Guide to feeding dogs RAW food

How to feed your dog RAW food

How to feed your puppy RAW food

***Here is a playlist of 100+ videos of my dogs and puppies eating various things on the raw diet…

***Here are my channels top 3 videos…

This Is What Happens When You Feed RAW food To Dogs!!!

This Is What Happens When You Feed Cucumber To Dogs!!!
444,170 view

ANTHEM of an OUTLAW – Apalachee Don (featuring BIG Chuk)

*** New Video series ***
Food Aggression in Puppies

*Visit my Instagram:

*** The Renascence Bulldogge has EB, Hermes OEB along with pitbull, bullmastiff, english mastiff and American bulldog in it’s breed foundation. The Black and tan and chocolate and tan coat colors seen in my bloodline and now in several OEBs that have my dogs mixed into them come from a black and tan Sorrel line pitbull I used when creating my dog (I used an Old Family Red Nose pits too). 🙂

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41 replies
  1. marmitenot
    marmitenot says:

    Have you ever had your dogs swallow too much on the raw diet? Mine swallowed too much once and was visibly uncomfortable but he was breathing fine. After a minute or two it went down, but it was a little scary!

  2. Lisa Hopkins
    Lisa Hopkins says:

    Good evening Viking friend. I’m curious if you have ever been in a situation that the dogs felt danger and brought on the instinct to protect you? I’m not sure but always felt like a dog would protect what they loved even if not trained in personal protection.

  3. Denver Valentine
    Denver Valentine says:

    My knightly ritual before bed entails watching a few of your videos, keep up the great work. Can't wait to own a dog soon, hopefully next year. I'm interested in the American bulldog (Scott line). My first choice was a German Shepherd, but my wife disapproves, the boss has spoken 😁.

  4. lisalafayette
    lisalafayette says:

    Kinda' funny seeing 'King Kurgan' eating a meal without Rekkr running over and trying to grab his food!! But we know Kurgan is SUPER smart because when the lil' pups are around Kurgan takes his food over to the high "table" so the pups can't reach it!!

  5. Xtreme Exotics & Aquatics
    Xtreme Exotics & Aquatics says:

    Is there any way I can email you or get in contact with you that's not in the comments? I have some questions and it's not about raw diet, I do feed a raw diet though. It's about your Blue Bay Shepherd and your Lycan Shepherd project I have some questions and would really like to get information about the Lycan shepherd project and a few other things.

  6. suGIXXaru
    suGIXXaru says:

    So I’ve had my 6 month old puppy on BARF diet for about 3 weeks . My puppy won’t go near those chicken livers so she’s not getting any organ meat right now . Do you have any tricks or tips to get her to .

  7. Labrador Paradise
    Labrador Paradise says:

    Raw diet has already been doing wonders for my dogs. Even though they aren't on a full raw diet they are on half. Half kibble half raw. They get all kibble for their breakfast with freezefried raw on top. And raw meat for dinner. My lab was starting to get yellow on her teeth and with getting raw they are white as snow. Great vid you're dogs are beautiful!

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