Eye Colour Change on Raw Food Diet

Eye color change on raw food diet

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36 replies
  1. Teresa Gutierrez
    Teresa Gutierrez says:

    i don t know if it's too late, but my eyes are light brown, with green / yellow parts with the sun light. Do you think my eye color can change? (i'm vegan since 6 months now, i want become raw:) ) i can send you a pic if you want.

  2. beebee246810
    beebee246810 says:

    I have hazel eyes. When I was born they were blue and when I was about 1 they changed to a greyish color and now they are a brown hazel. People can barely tell they are hazel because they are so light brown more so than green. Does that mean my eyes are true blue because that what I had when I was a baby?

  3. vicky89802
    vicky89802 says:

    I have super dark brown eyes that they appear as black. Ive been vegan for about 3 months now and I've noticed that I have gold rings around my eye. Do you think my eye will change into a hazel color or no?

  4. love n sweet2008
    love n sweet2008 says:

    And during raw vegan food, can I still eat carb (rice,etc..) & meat (beef only) or fish??? Please, if someone know answer me.
    Or o should eat raw vegan food only n use less beef, fish while during this diet to lighter my eye color?
    I also eat a lot vegan, fruits but mostly my vegan is cook well cause for my tradional food (by the case if anyone want to know I'm South-east Asian)

  5. love n sweet2008
    love n sweet2008 says:

    Hi, can you make a videos what raw food, fruits eating everyday? Raw food vegan mean you not cook them, just eating…raw, rite? sorry for silly question, cause I'm not speak English so I don't understand al the words you said, just a few lol
    And how long it work to have lighter brighter eyes. I'm full Asian with dark brown eyes, I know it not change to hazel or green cause my gene. And my fav eyes color is hazel, I'm not dreaming about blue or green. I really love light brown eye n hazel eyes, all I want is have light brown eyes, so how long if I take a raw food vegan to have lighter brown eye color? 3month, half year or a year n even more?

  6. Sara Gallegos
    Sara Gallegos says:

    Hey i really want to go on a raw food diet but im not exactly sure what to eat other than fruits and veggies. i would really like to know what else i can eat and what i cant eat? you said to eliminate dairy products but what about eating yogurt?? will eating yogurt be ok? and what about having ice cream maybe once in a blue?? please get back to me 

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