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42 replies
  1. sacha
    sacha says:

    Would give anything volunteer on that restaurant.
    Oh man, that point about looking beyond the smell and taste of other type of foods and being aware of what happens after you've eaten it. That's what did it for me and i went cold turkey as well to veganism/ital lifestyle. No mock meat and fillings, just straight veggies and fruits(still eating cook food), but primarily raw. When folks ask how i did it, i tell them – think about what happens in your body after ingest the other stuff. Thank you for reiterating that point.

  2. ru
    ru says:

    Blessings Kc, thank you for the inspiration. This is my second year being vegan, and I would love to cut down on cook meals as well, my only problem which isn't really a problem is that my significant other is now slowly accepting the vegan lifestyle, so it is a bit hard for me to take the next step especially because we eat most of our meals together. Do you have any advice as far as transitioning myself to a more raw diet , knowing that she might not be willing to give up cooked food at this point on her journey?

  3. N 9 N E
    N 9 N E says:

    Hows the muscle maintaining going with fruit lifestyle? What calories and protein you getting per day? Just curious steering towards it myself, i feel much better the more fruits i eat but i also wanna build muscle sorta mixed situation.
    Nice to see you Bro, Respect

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