Ep.1 How To Transfer Your Dog To Barf Diet, Buying The Chicken(cost)

How Much Does It cost to transfer a dog from kibble to the barf Diet?, Most simple starting raw food recipe! Raw Food For dogs has many benefits If Done Properly!, Ill Take you through the journey of transfer. i hope this playlist helps anyone wanting to start raw feeding their dogs, More videos to come involving barf as i learn more about it

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Welcome to my channel!. I own a Crazy Siberian Husky. It started when he was a little Husky Puppy. The goal of this channel is for us to meet every dog breed possible!. I Try and capture my Husky Howling but he’s to majestic I guess. Think of this channel as a Husky 101 With everything you sometimes should not do. Huskies are an extremely unique breed . Talking is a big factor in a video. Thats why I’m here!

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36 replies
  1. xvxcascaxvx
    xvxcascaxvx says:

    heres a pro tip for defrosting your meats. your technique is solid, but can be made 10x quicker, if you do this. Take the container method you are doing, and put the container in your sink. then slowly running cool water over teh meat. youll thaw that shit in like 30 mins.

  2. Jeremiah Balbin
    Jeremiah Balbin says:

    Because of the difference in time that kibble takes to digest than raw meat a dog SHOULD NEVER BE FED KIBBLE AND RAW MEAT AND BONES AT THE SAME TIME. The kibble will push the bone down the digest tract too fast and can hurt your dogs digest tract.

  3. Kat Williams
    Kat Williams says:

    Keeping meat safe for Krypto is great – but just know that spreading raw meat on counters and pouring water used for defrosting over dishes can also harm you with salmonella. Wash your dishes and maintain a clean sink when you prepare raw meat. After pouring out defrosting water, run hot water and soap and then spray with a counter disinfectant. I'm not being the boss of you, I just want you and the dogs happy and healthy because I love your videos. Peace!😍

  4. laura pickering
    laura pickering says:

    Bacteria doesn’t matter for dogs they have a short digestive tract and their digestive system is meant to handle raw meats, but you shouldn’t feed kibble and raw at the same time the kibble slows down the digestive tract your dog should go cold turkey from kibble to raw it might upset their digestive tract at first but that’s a given any time you switch their food

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