Employee fired, health department investigating after customer served raw chicken at Southport DQ

SOUTHPORT, Ind. — The health department is investigating, and an employee has been fired after a customer received raw chicken from a Southport Dairy Queen.

Zach Cruse said he picked up some food at the drive-thru at the Dairy Queen off Southport Road just before the restaurant closed around 10 p.m. Friday night.

When he got home, he realized he didn’t exactly get what he had ordered.

“I got a couple bites in and was like, this doesn’t taste right,” said Cruse. “I looked at it – ripped it open and realized it was completely raw.”

Dairy Queen says after receiving the complaint from Cruse they immediately contacted the Marion County Health Department. They also fired the employee involved, because they say they failed to check the temperature of the cooking chicken before serving it.

The Marion County Health Department says they investigate every complaint they receive, and they plan to go out and check the restaurant’s procedures to see if there are any issues with their food preparation process.

“I just don’t want somebody else to eat raw chicken and I don’t want to eat raw chicken,” said Cruse. “If it happened at Dairy Queen, how much gross food have I eaten that I’m not aware of because I just have trusted that the food I’m going to get is going to be safe?”

The health department says any customer who receives undercooked food should contact the manager immediately. They also encourage customers to call those complaints into their local health department. The number for Marion County is 317-221-2222.

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