Effortless Weight Loss on Raw Food Diet

I’m talking effortless weight loss on raw food diet and this comes from experience! Losing weight is pretty easy on most forms of a plant based diet if done cleanly. But with a raw vegan lifestyle, I’ve literally got a license to eat!

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9 replies
  1. Glori Dei Filippone
    Glori Dei Filippone says:

    I just recently found you and I adore your videos and Instagram!

    I’ve been wanting to go from high raw to full raw, I’m a 5’4, 112-115 lbs, active 20 year old. I’m wondering if I should worry about calories eating full raw? i know it’s said that because of stomach capacity you “don’t have to” on raw, but according to al TDEE calculators I should be eating 2000 calories or so, but i feel like on raw id want to eat more. Will that make me gain weight?

  2. Noelle S
    Noelle S says:

    7th Circle of Hell…lol… that totally cracked me up! How is the heat in 'bama different than the heat in Cost Rica?. I'm guessing that it's because you had the cooler times of day when you were in the mountains?

  3. YogiRyan
    YogiRyan says:

    Yep I’d rather juice the watermelon then eat it. Digests so much better. I graduated high school I was 337 now I’m barley 180 and that’s high for me usually around 165-175 at 6’4. I would rather be healthier and skinny then look more muscular and feel like crap

  4. Brigette Elliott
    Brigette Elliott says:

    Loved this video! Crazy Jack coming at you! Lol! You're right, though, you have to find what available in your area. If you really want it, you'll find it. I finally found those cara cara oranges. Being in California, we are inundated with navel oranges everywhere. I finally found those yummy things! I can't wait to see else you got coming! Have a great week, Jack!

  5. Flower
    Flower says:

    jack, do you experience that fats with some greens as dinner cause more or easier weight gain than fruit and greens for dinner?
    i have seen some YouTube videos about gaining on just fruit and greens and when upping fats they lost??

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