Effects Of Raw Food On the Body

Those who have switched over to consumption of raw foods experience the effects of these foods on the body. They report a wide variety of benefits on several aspects of health. Knowing in some detail about how these foods function will give you more insight in understanding the nature of these foods and their effects on the human body. The following are some of the major benefits of consuming this kind of foods.

1) Raw food provides digestive enzymes. As you know, the human body produces various enzymes as a part of the metabolic process. Consuming raw foods can save the body's own enzyme production.
2) The body needs oxygen but when some of it is lost due to oxidation, the availability of oxygen to the body is reduced and this weakens the immune system. These foods supply high levels of antioxidants. These substances fight the reactive oxygen species, thereby preventing the loss of oxygen due to oxidation and boosting the immune system.
3) Taking these foods has the effect of increasing the potassium to sodium ratio. Such a high ratio is essential for optimum cell function and for maintaining the ph (alkalinity) balance.

Some of the benefits listed above may sound too technical for some people. So, for better understanding of the benefits we derive from raw foods, we can look at the practical benefits we can get, benefits that can be experienced by oneself and noticed by others, as well.

1) You will feel revitalized. This will reflect in the way you look and act. You will

look energetic and act with alacrity.

2) You will experience improved concentration. Maintaining concentration is a big challenge for many people and we find that we are easily distracted. We find it difficult to focus our attention on a subject, with the mind drifting from one thought to the other. If a change of food can make you more concentrated, is it not great? This kind of diet achieves something that only a sustained meditation or yoga can achieve.

3) You will have emotional balance. This is achieved by gaining mental poise, again possible only through meditational or yogic techniques.

4) You have higher energy levels, a lighter feeling, correct body weight, improved concentration and balanced emotions. What can the combination of all these factors do to you? The combination of these positive factors will give you another greatly sought after benefit called enthusiasm. With enthusiasm generated within, you will be able to do a lot, with confidence, cheerfulness, conviction and confidence.

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