Eating Raw Veal Heart @ Vegan Food Festival 2018 – POLICE CALLED & BANNED – Amsterdam, Netherlands

Raw Goat Head:

The media lied that I threw meat at the organization, that never happened. They had no reason to call the police and they knew that so they made up a lie. As you can see, we were attacked by the vegans. Physically and verbally. They hate nature.

Vegans are malnourished:

This is what happens to vegans after years:

If you do this yourself and film it. I will upload it on my channel.

Join my irc channel if you want to chat.
Channel: #sv3rige

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27 replies
  1. MisSirenia
    MisSirenia says:

    Poorly educated and disrespectful. Dont be a vegan if you do not want to but dont fuck anyone. You were a vegan, now you do these things. You dont know how to have your own opinion, someone convinced you to do the opposite. You have no personality.
    Going to such an event and doing those things is disrespectful, a bad person and a troublemaker. You should go to a psychologist because you arent normal and you arent right in the head. You cant be so challenging and so aggressive.

  2. J Deuink
    J Deuink says:

    You know why I respect you SV3RIGE because you listened to your body… and you looked at the science… you hunted for the truth. Well done man, not many people have the balls to change their way in life myself included. I am so proud of you. Subbed.

  3. Rubio De Limón
    Rubio De Limón says:

    I've been 20 min watching a neardental eat a piece of meat surrounded by flies and he feels cool. He just wanted to draw attention to gain followers and he has succeeded. If the vegans do not bother anyone why he has to do it? And if you are going to talk to me about vegans who have done bad things, does one pay for one wrong with another?

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