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32 replies
  1. Deepak Guttal
    Deepak Guttal says:

    How about doing both ? Stop consuming things that are offensive to the body such crack cocaine and also eat a raw vegan diet with juice fasting for expediting healing process. The body heals itself but Raw foods help create an alkaline environment in which the body then can heal itself

  2. MrMaccntosh7up
    MrMaccntosh7up says:

    We all need trace amounts of vitamin STOP in our lives. Daily! Lol. That's real talk tho. It's what you can STOP doing, not what herbs you can take. The herbs are there to supplement/assist your body thru the healing process. What you do consistently is what counts. Eating bad once won't HURT you just like eating clean once won't HELP you

  3. Siobhan Mulvey
    Siobhan Mulvey says:

    Yep! Your body heals itself. I eat high fruit and feel great but if I eat something spicy or wheat or badly combined foods… I’ll feel terrible! It’s about how little of the harmful foods you put in your body and not about healing enough so you can go back to those foods without symptoms.

    This is SO true. Thank you!

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