. easy raw food and my boyfriend ;) | dara dubinet

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40 replies
  1. AnashaSol Droxler
    AnashaSol Droxler says:

    Hello Dara Love, so happy for the video, Patrick is more at ease with the camera now, I spent 3 weeks in sweden this summer and loved the nature and the berries !! and yes, i am curious, so How did you guys meet ? maybe a short video with both of you telling us? because <All we need is love>
    and i wish you many more happy years with Patrick.. love you so much , you are so bright, clear and light and spicy !

  2. pesto12601
    pesto12601 says:

    Sprouts go bad so fast… breeding ground for mold.. and of course she doens't wash anything…. so yeah.. simple when you can just zip open a bag and dump into bowl. Not so simple if you wash you lettuce because you are concerned with the handling process.

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