Easy fast awesome non-dairy healthy raw food CRACKERS and CHEESE

Markus Rothkranz shows us how to make simple fast raw food non-dairy chips (crackers) and cheese dip like Nacho cheese but much healthier. No milk, dairy or actual cheese used in this easy recipe. All you need is a Vitamix blender and a dehydrator. Enjoy!

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34 replies
  1. Mary G
    Mary G says:

    I made both the crackers and cheese dip, and I love them! There was plenty of dip to make some kale chips, too. Yum! One thing I did discover was that next time I will make the cheese thinner for the lake chips. I think it would also be delicious on zucchini noodles. Thank you for the recipe. I am tmaking the cranberry almond oatmeal cookies next weekend.

  2. Mr & Miss behave
    Mr & Miss behave says:

    I'm totally making this today to share with my sister and family. I've helped her get away from dairy. And I believe that bringing over healthy foods that are easy and kid friendly will make the transition (to vegan) seamless for them. I'll let you know how they like it

  3. Jeremy Dale
    Jeremy Dale says:

    I am just getting into the Raw Vegan lifestyle (for health reasons) and do not own any special appliances. Because of this I went ahead and soaked the pine nuts and cashews in a little water (Made it easier for my blender to handle). I also did not use the seeds from the bell pepper (My blender won't process cool things like that). My sauce turned out amazing! Not exactly cheesy but really good! The garlic added a nice kick to it. I forgot salt in both the chips and the sauce. The chips could really use the salt (still good, but I am really used to salty chips). The sauce was great without any salt!

    As a husband and a father of three wonderful kids I was nervous about getting started into this lifestyle since we are not use to the recipes. I wish I knew 50 go to recipes like this that were easy and quick.

    Next step is to get myself a Vitamix… then an Excalibur… then a nice food processor!

  4. _
    _ says:

    Does anyone know why vegan or raw people get addicted to cheese? I go crazy for it!! I only buy local humane goat cheese (none of that horrible factory farming stuff), but it is so addicting I could eat it all day! I am trying to make nut milk cheese with nutr. yeast and all the vegan cheeses that you show us. Cheese is bad, right because it's hard and would clog your arteries? Better to have the soft stuff I'm guessing. It is so addicting!!! OMG. Maybe if you're craving cheese you need more protein and salad greens, like bitter greens. All I do is walk around night and day going to stores and happy hour for cheese! It's literally insane addiction. This recipe is awesome, I love it, thanks so much. I think you can put cheese covered in plastic in a glass bowl, and let is sit, so it will ferment like cheese.

  5. maryjomatey
    maryjomatey says:

    This is sooooo beautiful recipe … so very easy ..THANK U Markus !!!

    I have 2 beautiful lemon trees potted .. have had them for 4 -5 years ,, not blooming no lemons .. have any idea ,.. how I can make them bloom ?? I LOVE lemons .. want ABUNDANCE !!!!

  6. Petr Frizen
    Petr Frizen says:

    Great and delectable recipe! Though, I am not so sure it would be easy to find chia seeds here… And also, Marcus: this rubber – plastic pestle with all the deliciousness on it: it must be scooped up before loaded into the sink! It seems, you quite unreasonably wasted about 150 grams of chia dip… What a pity!

  7. Denise Roy
    Denise Roy says:

    Hello Markus! I'm really into your videos, loving them, you and Cari! I noticed that you two do eat high fat, at least not 80-10-10. Do you think I can lose 15 pounds by eating the amount of fat i see you eating?

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