East Tenn. deli, soup restaurant earn low health inspection scores

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) – Two East Tennessee restaurants had low health inspection grades this week Several have also been reinspected since last week.

Chandler’s Deli, 3101 Magnolia Avenue – Original Grade: 74, New Grade: 94

The health department considers a score below 70 as unsanitary.

Steak and gravy were at 75 degrees. That’s too cold. Hot food is supposed to be kept at 135 degrees or more to slow bacteria growth.

At the frying station, food pans and fryer baskets were left soaking in food grease. Instead, they should have been cleaned and sanitized in the big three-compartment sink.

More online: This week’s full inspection reports

The inspector wrote that no date marking system was in place for ready-to-eat food. Dates of first use are required on ready-to-eat food. Once opened and put in a refrigerator, the food must be used within seven days.

The inspector has returned to Chandler’s Deli and the new score is 94.

Soup Kitchen Express, 9222 Kingston Pike – Original Grade: 74, New Grade: 93

The cook was observed preparing and touching raw meat, but then started handling ready-to-eat food without washing his hands first. Raw meat is filled with bacteria.

The person in charge was unaware of employee illness symptoms. However, the manager is required to know them.

The can opener was dirty and had food debris on it. It’s required to be cleaned and sanitized after each use.

The Soup Kitchen Express has been checked again. The initial grade of 74 is now a 93.

S&S Cafeteria, 4808 Kingston Pike – Original Grade: 69, New Grade: 88

Last Week, S&S Cafeteria had a failing grade of 69. It’s been reinspected and upgraded to 88.

Bruno’s Pizzeria, 6907 Kingston Pike – Original Grade: 70, New Grade 85

Bruno’s Pizzeria received a 70 last week, which is passing. The new grade is 85.

Top Scores of the Week:

  • Flapjack’s Pancake Cabin #3, 959 Parkway, Gatlinburg – Grade: 100
  • Mountain Edge Grill, 631 Parkway, Gatlinburg  – Grade: 100
  • Domino’s Pizza, 10635 Chapman Highway, Seymour – Grade: 100
  • Hillbilly Cabin, 308 McCrary Drive, Morristown – Grade: 100
  • Cracker Barrel, 771 Louisville Road, Alcoa – Grade: 100
  • Bojangles, 2223 Charles Seivers Boulevard, Clinton – Grade: 100
  • Pizza Hut, 1570 Oak Ridge Turnpike – Grade: 100
  • Alliance Brewing Company, 1130 Sevier Avenue – Grade: 100
  • Wendy’s, 6201 Asheville Highway – Grade: 100
  • The Casual Pint, 4842 Harvest Mill Way – Grade: 100
  • Top Flight BBQ, 3535 W. Emory Road – Grade: 100

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