Downfall of the Raw Foods Diet ?

John from talks about if the raw food diet has had a downfall due to many people on youtube leaving the raw food diet.

In this episode, John will share his thoughts on if Raw Foods Diet is a sinking ship and people are jumping off? As a plant-based diet grows bigger, is a raw foods diet growing smaller? You will learn about John thoughts on this matter.

You will discover John’s definition of a raw foods diet. You will learn why John does not like the term “Raw Foods Diet”. You will why the Plant-Based / Vegan diet is growing faster than a Raw Foods diet.

You will learn why completely eliminating or drastically reducing both animal products and all processed foods are beneficial and how increasing fresh fruits and vegetables can increase your health.

John will share his opinions on pseudoscience and raw food dogma and how many people can be turned off this misinformation. That being said, people spreading misinformation about any topic doesn’t change the fact that fruits and vegetables are the healthiest foods on the planet to eat.

Finally, John will share if he is Jumping Ship and will stop eating raw foods. You will learn more about how the Raw foods lifestyle has helped John and how he will continue with his work. You will discover some of the best foods on the planet to eat and how you can improve your diet.

After watching this episode, you will learn if Raw Foods is getting less popular or more popular and why it will never go away.

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34 replies
  1. Cat Isme
    Cat Isme says:

    Thanks for being so kind to those of us who have struggled with raw and or the healing process and in my case I had to back off a bit…it made my body feel better but my heart and mind felt sad for not being able to go all the way at least for now

  2. Teapata X
    Teapata X says:

    Would love to see a video of a long-term raw foodist who has a normal job, lives outside of youtubeland. It'd be a nice example. Sometimes it seems like all the long-termers have careers related to raw foods. Also, besides the festivals, what is there outside of youtube? What forums are best, besides yours? Are there other resources besides going to a center? Now that 30 bananas a day is not the same, it seems like there's no meeting place. Thanks. Appreciate this video.

    THE HOT SEAT says:

    I enjoy a cooked food lifestyle and a raw food lifestyle because personally I feel if I combine the two I look my best when I am practicing a 100% Raw food lifestyle I look like a anorexic crackhead / heroin addict / oxycodone user

  4. valnaples
    valnaples says:

    GO JOHN GO! I love eating mostly raw foods…and AVOIDING all processed crap! AT 60, I feel GREAT! and haven't needed a sick day from work in over 12 years! It does not have to be RAW or nothing…AND I am growing arugula, mustard greens, cherry tomatoes, basil, etc etc here in Naples FL mostly due to YOU! THANK YOU!

  5. sewbuttns
    sewbuttns says:

    I don't like the totally raw food diet because it is not enough calories and then you are forced to compensate by eating high amounts of fat. And I do not think eating 70% of your calories from fat is healthy no matter how raw it is.

  6. G Vas
    G Vas says:

    Thank you for all you do John. You have been a great inspiration for me. My goal is to grow a lot of my veggies so I can eat more raw foods. So, I am one of the ones that are coming into raw foods and hoping to stay on a high raw diet. Blessings to you 😊

  7. Fruitboy Jonas
    Fruitboy Jonas says:

    Since I watch mostly raw food videos on Youtube, to me it feels like a lot of people are doing it 😀
    I really like the doctors who say that fruits and vegetables are the healthiest. I am not a fan of grains at all (because it didn't work for me and I don't know anyone who feels more energized after eating grains compared to fruit).
    What really pisses me off are the people who don't succeed on a raw food diet (some didn't succeed because they were undereating and it's so obvious) and then start to find tons of reasons why it doesn't work. That way they don't need to analyze their own mistakes. And just because they couldn't make it work, they think they need to tell everyone that raw foods don't work. Nobody is perfect. There are people who slip off once in a while (because almost all of us grew up eating cooked foods and we have a lot of emotional attachments), however, those people still feel better eating raw, so they always try to get back on track.
    BTW: Good video. We might have to supplement, especially B12. I think it's not that many things we need to pay attention to when eating raw fruits and vegetables. But you should do some monitoring these days. We don't live in an ideal world.

  8. Kathryn Knowles hwy 101 farm
    Kathryn Knowles hwy 101 farm says:

    Hi John been following you since I first saw you while sitting in a chemo chair at the cancer center in 2014 . You believed like I do so I fell instantly in love and committed to the in 2017 I've gained 20 pounds and hba1c is over 9 ….it turns out that some of us are so sensitive to carbs that mono meaning fruit is deadly for us…i absolutely love I've had to go over to a keto style diet leAving out fruit and adding fat and meat is really scary however my hba1c is now 7 and dropping and I lost 7 pounds in the first month ..i still eat up to 5 cups of greens Dailey and only 3 oz. Of meat grass fed only and no process foods at all … I'm still growing all my greens and love to watch you but we are all made differently …keep up the great work ..i still eat mostly raw ….

  9. that's all folks
    that's all folks says:

    I started incorporating cooked food into my diet again… more energy, better concentration, better mood, better work-outs. From my experience… Raw = more cleansing. Cooked = more nurturing. Look into TCM… yin / yang food and the different body constitutions.

  10. Vegan Nurse Practitioner
    Vegan Nurse Practitioner says:

    I was one of them, got very healthy, lost 100 lbs. seven or eight years ago. My hypertension, diabetes, hypothyroidism, and gastritis disappeared. I did very well, my lab never looked better, I was full of energy, they being a food abuser all my life I slowly slipped back to cooked, and I am not as healthy as I was, my motivation just hasn't came back even thou I now suffer with Gastritis, weight and fatigue again, why doesn't people do what they are suppose to do, still working on it. I have a list of excuses, none good enough, raw food is the best for health, I'm at about 30% and that isn't good enough for my body

  11. Ana Velazquez
    Ana Velazquez says:

    John as a busy family we have limited time to focus on eating healthy. I would love to see a video about how to incorporate a raw food lifestyle into the average family. To give some background we have three kids and we both work outside of the home with multiple jobs and… lol in school full time. Hope to see a video soon!

  12. GeorgieWise
    GeorgieWise says:

    I get 80% of my calories from raw foods and 20% from cooked food. I am not a vegan or a vegetarian but a majority of my diet (what I eat) is fruit, berries, melons and vegetables because it has made my life so much better and the benefits keep on coming even after a year. For me it is very easy this way and I get enough calories to maintain my weight that is now forty pounds lighter and ideal for my height and age. Cooked foods are the last thing I eat in a day because they slow my digestion just like they do for everyone and I avoid all processed foods and that means vegan too.

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