Don’t Feed Your Dog Raw Food Before You See This!

You may have heard about raw food diets for dogs. But don’t feed your dog raw food until you see this. Dogs should eat raw food but only if prepared and portioned correctly. This video explains the why’s and how’s. Visit our website or for more do’s and don’ts stop by our blog

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14 replies
  1. MadMaxx63
    MadMaxx63 says:

    There is no proof that a raw diet decreases conditions like arthritis or diabetes unless you're talking as those conditions are caused from being overweight…and dogs CAN get fat on a raw diet and exhibit those same conditions. It MAY eliminate allergies if caused by food but not necessarily those cause by environmental conditions. BEWARE of people selling you anything that state "absolutes".

  2. Tech Geek
    Tech Geek says:

    Affirmative title. you will see in chic fil a ad Cow is advertising "Eat More Chicken". go figure why ?
    I am feeding my cat raw food for 2 years. My vet doesn't agree with me because they are corrupted SOBs on payroll of packet food corporations.
    My cat gets daily two small scoops grainfree kibbles and two cubes of raw meat[liver + chicken+ bone]. So far she doesn't have any hair ball problem. Every 3 months she throws up for something may be eat goofy things or house plants leaves other than that no problem.

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