Do Dogs Prefer Raw Meat or Kibble Food?

My husky Gohan chooses raw meat or kibble food.. Are you surprised?

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28 replies
  1. Gohan The Husky
    Gohan The Husky says:

    This was a lot of fun to test out! Gohan went straight for it! What did you think he was going to eat first?
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  2. dondena21
    dondena21 says:

    If they love raw meat, it's understandable. It's what their ancestors/cousins eat in the wild. As for kibble, changing them around sometimes helps too, but then, why do dogs love cat food kibble too?

  3. Jim Cervantes
    Jim Cervantes says:

    Raw food is great, but not raw cuts. He needs the entire animal. I recommend a walk-in refrigerator. You can keep a large whole deer carcass in there and Gohan can feed of that sucker for weeks. He'll never go back.

  4. T&C Gabriel
    T&C Gabriel says:

    Hey you know that other video where you were the burglar to see what your husky would do, well I believe he just knew that it was you, he could smell you and he sensed that it was you. that's why he didn't do anything.

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