Detox & What To Expect When Starting A Raw Food Diet, Ep56

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Join Natasha on her raw food weight loss journey! Today Natasha talks about what to expect when you first get on a raw food diet. She also talks about detox symptoms, acid / alkaline balance and how long the changes will last.

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43 replies
  1. DigitalLoveMovement
    DigitalLoveMovement says:

    And last, please remember the pace of detoxing and how someone feels when they detox is determined by how fast the toxins are exiting the body. If you juice, cleanse or switch to a raw diet, you should ALWAYS use some sort of organic cleansing method, such as an enema, herbal organic laxative or salt water flush everyday for the first 10 days, and then at least twice a week thereafter until detoxing is complete. Some people prefer colonics. The point is to get the toxins out.

  2. DigitalLoveMovement
    DigitalLoveMovement says:

    If you're going to encourage people, please make sure to provide the wisest information possible. The point of cleansing or transitioning to a raw lifestyle is to Detox. Detox can be controlled by how safely and effectively you can get the toxins out of your system. If someone has the flu, would it be healthier if they took an aspirin to numb the pain or if they pro actively addressed the issue by sweating out the virus and restoring their immune system? Always trust the body to heal itself.

  3. nely ardelean
    nely ardelean says:

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  4. Coral Laroc
    Coral Laroc says:

    Cheers for sharing this. It was helpful for me as I've had some humdinger headaches this past week since juicing/cutting out meat/dairy caffeine/sugar etc, as well as other symptoms and generally feeling unwell. I've got a bad head now as I type. Hope it clears up soon. My mood has defo lifted though, so perhaps I've turned a corner? Hope so.

  5. Manh Tuan
    Manh Tuan says:

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  6. thayer21
    thayer21 says:

    Thank you for your wonderful information. I did 7 days of juice with a huge headache and could find little information, and now I found you. So I am going juicing again starting tomorrow feeling way more educated and less scared.

  7. Asiri Ali
    Asiri Ali says:

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  8. Bai Xue
    Bai Xue says:

    I am in a transition stage, eating 98 % organic, coffee free – caffeine free mostly raw and no gluten, wheat, or dairy. My diet was formerly coffee, fried, burgers and fries, etc. I have been going through a "detox" for over 2 months it seems. I have had 3 colds and otherwise feel great. Is it possible this is still detox or is something else possibly going on? First week was rough, going to the restroom over 7 times a day. This week I have a headache and have not before.

  9. lala kaka
    lala kaka says:

    I do some hard core exercise every few day that give me headaches, short periods of time with a lot of exercise added. I've been doing this detox for a day and a half , I feel relaxed but sweating so much. Is this safe With all the exercise I'm doing.

  10. chand891
    chand891 says:

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  11. Khulan G
    Khulan G says:

    I was already feeling extremely well and mentally clear during the first 2 weeks. But at the end of second week, the detox symptoms are showing up terribly. 'its weird but it works out and is so worth it in the end

  12. Maine Family
    Maine Family says:

    I can relate to a lot of this. Thank you SO much. Very insightful. I am on week 1 of raw and I had my first major headache..i slept amazing last night, but woke up with a bad headache and nausea. So I drank a liter of warm lemon water, then had 5 oranges. I ate them slowly to be careful of my nausea. I am feeling 50% better an hour or so later. Its just about accepting these symptoms, taking care of them, and resting when you need to (if you can). 🙂 🙂

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