Day 1 to Day 7 – Sample Meals For The Cabbage Diet – Dieters Guide For Making Their Own Meal Plan

So you might have heard the Cabbage Diet by now and its amazing results. With just a week, dieters may lose from ten to fifteen pounds by simply following the seven-day menu plan.

The Main Course

It is not called the Cabbage Diet if it does not involve lots of cabbages. All through the week, your main course will be loads of cabbages, in form of soup. A recipe of the cage soup includes a half a head of cage, tomatoes, carrots, mushroom, celery, onions, and salt and pepper to taste. One may opt for a spicy version by adding a sprinkle of curry powder.

The Seven-Day Menu

Follow this simple menu for seven days but do not forget to fill up with cage soup every time.

Day 1: Devour as much fruits as you want, provided you stay away from bananas. Avoid sweetened drinks; opt for unsweetened tea, cranberry juice, black coffee or the traditional water.
Day 2: Chomp all the vegetables you can stomach, except beans, peas and corn. Treat yourself to a buttered baked potato for dinner.
Day 3: Eat a combination of vegetables and fruits, while still avoiding bananas, beans, peas and corn. Potatoes are a no-no too.
Day 4: You are allowed to eat up to eight bananas during this day and wash that down with two glasses of skim milk.
Day 5: Nibble on twenty ounces of beef, chicken or fish and six fresh tomatoes. Make sure you hydrate yourself with six to eight glasses of water.
Day 6: Indulge with three beefsteaks but pair those with loads of vegetables.
Day 7: Unlimited vegetables are still on the table with two cups of brown rice plus unsweetened juices.

It is as simple as strictly following the menu to be on your way to a lighter you. A word of caution though, this program must be taken a week at a time only with at least a month or so in between each dieting week. This is to prevent the dieter from getting dangerously malnourished.

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