David Wolfe: Best Raw Food Diet

In this unique interview with worlds no 1 raw food teacher David Wolfe, he tells you what he beliefs is the best raw food diet.
For more info about David Wolfe, visit his website at

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30 replies
  1. Iyan Kurniawan
    Iyan Kurniawan says:

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  2. Rajthilak Dhanabalan
    Rajthilak Dhanabalan says:

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  3. Biman Borah
    Biman Borah says:

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  4. GamingLoadown101
    GamingLoadown101 says:

    I never had a very bad diet But i went mostly raw 4 days again, diet mainly consisting of 200-300g oatmeal with half a litre of semi skimmed milk and a sometimes a few hundred mill of hemp milk with flaxseed and peanutt butter, so I have that for breakfast and lunch and then I eat a veg shakes throughout the day , 50g of kale, 1 carrot, 1 apple, peace of melon, 2 large celery stalks, broccoli and spa-ragas with water, cucumber.
    meal 5 2 eggs with brown rice and a handful of cooked veg

  5. 8R014V
    8R014V says:

    good question. i never really thought about that, but i'd certainly like to know. if i'm not mistaken though, i believe watermelon has the most lycopene (red), and i'm pretty sure sweet potatoes/yams have the most beta-carotene (orange). dunno about Anthocyanin (purple) though… black berries would be a good source, but probably not the BEST.

  6. canthemum
    canthemum says:

    Here's important info for everyone.  David Wolfe and most raw foodists always turn to Chinese medicine for a LOT of their info.  This diet is supposed to make you live longer, yet no one has ever lived longer eating raw.   Longevity expert Dr. Mao Shing Ni is from a family of 25 generations of Chinese medical practitioners and he's interviewed hundreds of centenerians to find out how they eat.  In "Secrets of Longevity" he writes this on p. 97 "Traditional Chinese Medicine does NOT recommend raw food as it puts out digestive fire leaving you at risk of inflammation and infection.  Also, during hot weather, parasites and microorgnisms proliferate making it much easier for us to get sick unless we sterilize by cooking.  Cooking also makes the nutrients in food easier to assimilate in your body."  NOW THIS IS 25 GENERATIONS OF CHINESE HEALING AND LONGEVITY WISDOM TELLING YOU COOKED FOOD IS HEALTHY AND RAW FOOD GENERALLY IS NOT.  

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