Darlington teacher opens raw dog food shop in Faverdale

A FORMER teacher has the hunger for a new career after setting up her own dog food business with a twist.

Christine Kirby, who as spent the last nine years teaching at Whinfield Primary School in Darlington, has opened Rawlicious Dog Food on Faverdale Industrial Estate.

She became inspired to open the new store, which specialises in raw dog food and natural treats, after seeing the benefits of such a diet on her own dog, Mabel, who is raw fed and has been since she was 12-weeks old.

“Raw feeding is not new – many, many people have raw fed their dogs for years and are happy to share stories of how their pets live long, healthy lives.

“What has changed is that there are an increasing number of companies now producing carefully balanced raw meals for dogs.

“The ancestors of our pets would all have enjoyed a raw diet, as all it really does is copy what they would have had to eat in the wild.”

Ms Kirby said the products on sale at Rawlicious will offer real health benefits to dogs.

“There is a range of carefully selected raw food to choose from, as well as a range of natural, meat-based dog treats.

“Your dog does not have to be on a raw food diet to be able to enjoy the natural treats – they can actually be really beneficial to the health of any dog.

“Whether you are simply looking for some good quality treats, already feed your dogs raw and are looking for a local supplier, or you are interested in changing your dog to a raw food diet, you will find something here.”

Ms Kirby is planning to keep the store open for long hours over the summer, and will decide on more structured opening hours when she finds out what works best for her customers.

“Caring dog owners are also becoming more health conscious for their pets, and are looking for food that will provide them with the very best source of nutrition possible.

“There are so many new products coming out all the time, as manufacturers realise that dog owners want the very best nutrition and health for their pets – that is the best thing about feeding raw food and natural treats to your dog.

“Everything on sale has been tried and tested by Mabel – our chief taster and dog in residence.”

For more information about Rawlicious, visit www.rawliciousdogfood.co.uk, call 01325 624099 or search for Rawlicious Dog Food on Facebook.

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