Crochet Skill Level – Advanced Beginner or Easy

The second crochet skill level is the advanced beginner level, also known as easy. This level basically helps you to master all the basic stitches, and often requires that you combine them in short pattern sequences. Once you have mastered the basics, the pattern sequences will come natural to you.

Some of the more difficult stitches introduced at this level are the triple and double triple crochet stitches. You will also see more increases and decrees at this level as well. The increases or decreements can fall at the end of a row or anywhere in the middle of a row or round.

The great thing about reaching this level, is that stitch abbreviations and other pattern instructions will no longer seem so daunting. Your new confidence levels in your ability to crochet and to follow the written instructions will help you to relax a bit more.

Aside from reading crochet patterns, this is also the stage where you can gain more confidence with reading crochet charts and diagrams. Most patterns are usually written out, but there are also a few of them that provide you with a symbol chart. Although I prefer the written pattern, the chart is almost easier to read as it allows you to see the stitch pattern at a glance.

The easy skill level is still considered to be a beginner level, which means that you will still need to pay close attention to the pattern as well as to your crocheting. This will very slowly slow you down, and often times you might find yourself wanting to crochet a bit faster. You might find yourself picking up speed only to find out that you made a mistake somewhere. A common mistake that occurs as a result of this, is that the stitches become a lot looser, which then distorts the shape of the fabric. Therefore, it is best to practice some patience and crochet at a comfortable and consistent speed in order to crochet a consistent fabric as well.

It is best to stay at this level as long as needed in order to master all the basic crochet stitches. The next level allows you to use the basic stitches in order to create fancy stitch combinations and lacy designs. It can be tempting to jump to the next crochet level before you are ready, but knowing the basics will help to make it a lot easier on you.

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